TV's The Office Is Engaging In A Little StarCraft Cosplay

This Thursday night, what looks like an entire night's programming on NBC is going to involve TV show characters dressing up for Halloween. And StarCraft is getting some love.

Towards the end of the above clip you'll see The Office's Dwight Schrute wearing, of all things, a Sarah Kerrigan outfit (the star-turned-villain-turned-spoiler of the StarCraft saga). With pink bra, alien dreads, the works.

You guys knew he wasn't Whoopi Goldberg, right?

Dwight Dresses Up As StarCraft 's Kerrigan In Next Week's Office [GameSetWatch]


    Bahahaha sick, Can't wait to see the ep now.

    "You guys knew he wasn’t Whoopi Goldberg, right?"

    Sure. But did you? :P

    Certainly beats Sith Lord (Monk?) and Jigsaw from past seasons.

    LOL my fav show is showing some love for my fav game, its a WIN WIN for me

    If I had a dollar for every time I guessed an article was written by Luke I'd have .... well about fifty bucks, which would be cool... every little bit helps. >_>

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