Two Different Spider-Men, Two Different Combat Styles

Spider-Man: Edge of Time hits stores tomorrow, bringing the worlds of the Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 clashing together violently. Then the kicking starts.

This is just Activision's way of reminding us all the game is coming out tomorrow, as the differences really don't seem all that significant. Amazing beats folks up with agility, 2099 beats things up with more agility and nifty gadgets, though in the year 2099 we can probably assume everyone has those gadgets, and he's fighting crime with the future equivalent of an iPod.

But hey, Spider-Man: Edge of Time! Tomorrow! Be there!


    As near as i can tell this doenst come out for another 3 weeks ... what says tomorrow?

    hmm graphics seem to have improved since last i saw it. maybe I missed a couple of stories on this game...

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