Ubisoft's New Kinect Game Is Only Acting In Self-Defence

Tired of having sand kicked in your face? Then Ubisoft's Self-Defense Training Camp is for you. Get in shape, gain self-confidence and learn what to do when a game trailer comes at you with a generic version of "Feel Good, Inc".

No one wants to admit they are vulnerable, so the idea of a course you take at home opposed to a more public one with real people is actually a pretty good idea. Self-Defense Training Camp walks players through getting out of sticky situations, helping them get shaped up with a series of lessons based on kickboxing and martial arts. There are even meditation lessons geared at helping folks stay calm in stressful situations.

All of this is taught by a real-life instructor. I might make fun of her music, but it's likely the Gorillaz were just too intimidated to approach her with their permission to use the real song.

Self-Defense Training Camp for Kinect hits the Xbox 360 on November 8. Hopefully the 360 will know how to hit back.


    wow I have to read the disclaimer on this game lololol

    I can't imagine that working too well... if you're learning that kind of stuff you actually need to be doing it with another person. Just going through the motions by yourself wouldn't prepare you adequately for having to do it with a real person. Having a person's physical presence there - their size, their weight, etc - makes a big difference even if the basic techniques are the same.

    I'd hate to see somebody do a bit of this at home, think they're getting handy at it, then end up getting the living crap kicked out of them by a mugger or whatever because they hadn't actually trained with a real person.

      Completely agree.

      Take screenshot 4 for example. If you don't know the little intricacies in performing an 'arm bar' in real life against a real advisary, don't try it. Anyone with moderate physical strength could easily muscle out of this position especially if it is executed poorly by a misinformed individual.

      I'm all for the punching and kicking aspects. But I wouldn't brand it a 'self defence training camp' without a legal disclaimer on the start up screen and every load screen >.<

        Well these techniques are about as legitimate as the kind of Combat and Boxercise classes you see in gyms and rarely do you see disclaimers in these that you will get hit if you don't get keep your hands up.

        As an excuse for a bit of exercise and catharsis, then sure self delude away but expecting to walk away a complete bad-ass -
        well you've probably got a bunch of other issues no disclaimer is going to save you from.


    "You want to see tough? Ill show you tough!"


    I’m not going to waste your time with a bunch of garbage about “why self defense is important”. You should already know that it’s everyone’s right and responsibility to be able to protect themselves and those they love.


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