Ubisoft’s Post-It War Gets Video Documentation

Ubisoft’s Post-It War Gets Video Documentation
Over the summer, Kotaku did a fair amount of war correspondence. This particular war wasn’t happening in Iraq or Afganistan, but rather in Paris. It was an ongoing Post-It War between game developer Ubisoft and its neighbours, the French bank BNP.

It started with small characters in office windows, then quickly spiraled out of control, with an eventual, epic recreation of Ezio from Assassin’s Creed “winning” the war. We ran some great pictures of the Post-It creations back when they first appeared.

Philips has now posted a video documenting the entire thing, with some great footage of the team at Ubisoft assembling their Post-It characters during their lunch breaks.

(To see it with English subtitles, press the “CC” button on the player).


  • and who pays for this? they may do it during lunch break, but there is a shitload of post-it notes being used in some of those. I have a stationery cupboard here with one eagle eyed guard and you better have a good reason for a 5c pen!!! let alone the hundreds if not thousands of post-it notes some require. (the asterix and obelix one is awesome!)

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