Unboxing The Force In The Old Republic's Collector's Edition

Bioware has revealed the goods that make up Star Wars: The Old Republic's collector's edition, which includes a Jedi Master's journal, the official soundtrack, some in-game items and more.

This special version of the game is rounded out by a statue of Darth Malgus, a map of the galaxy, and a "security key" of some unexplained significance.

The in-game content consists of the following: a flare gun, mouse droid, collector's edition store, Stap vehicle, training droid and hologram dancer.

All of this is packaged nicely in a collectible metal case, and comes with a 30-day prepaid trial.


    Much better than out of focus shaky one handed camcorder footage with boring monologue commentary stating the obvious.
    "This is the box"
    "these are the game disks"
    "This is a book"

      Not really. I prefer the shaky cam footage; it lets you 'see' the quality of the items, not this cg stuff. It'll show you how big the art book is, what's in it, the quality and size of the statue, etc.

    Master Obe-wan would be so upset if he caught you doing that.

    I was almost going to pick this up, but the price is more than double the Standard Edition and I think it's a little too much.

    Just to clear it up, the Security Key is for two-factor authentication. It displays a security token on it's screen which changes once per minute, then when you go to log in, you have to enter that code.

    See http://us.blizzard.com/support/article.xml?locale=en_US&articleId=24660 for info about them (albeit Blizzard's version)

    That is so not worth the 300 bucks amazon are asking for it, I may just stick to the regular edition

      That $300 is not actually Amazon but rather people selling it. I got mine from Amazon for $175 delivered.

        Oh well thats a bit better then I must have missed that it was external sellers. The 300 bucks was unusually more ripoff-y than I've come to expect from amazon

        I'll probably still go for the standard edition though, the extras just don't grab me. Any idea what the flare gun actually achieves?

          heh definitely external sellers, I just looked and the sellers are asking 400-450 for it...

    Yes... but is there going to be one sold in Australia, for when it launches here?

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