Valve Celebrates Mann Co. Birthday & $2 Million In Team Fortress 2 Item Sales With A Mann-sized Update

Has it already been a full year since Valve launched the Team Fortress 2 Mann Co. Store, the in-game shop in which people trade cold hard cash for hats, weapons and hats? Yes, it has. Valve is therefore celebrating the shop's birthday and $US2,000,000 in profits(!) for item creators with a high five-filled update.

Today, the "Manniversary Update" comes to Team Fortress 2, bringing with it a slew of changes: new hats and other non-hat items, load-out presets for your class of choice, a weeklong item "try before you buy" option, decals, slow-mo and shaky cam options for movie making, high five taunts and much much more.

Equally interesting is the launch of the Steam Workshop, "an improved item submission system" which lets item-creators submit, review and rate Team Fortress 2 items. "Rate items highly and you just might see them become available in-game," Valve says. "If your creation is accepted for distribution in-game, you can even earn a percentage of sales." With Steam Workshop, ou could be a percentage-of-a-millionaire!

There's a big old virtual goods sale to go along with the Manniversary Update (it runs until Monday), so if you've been eyeballing that new Engineer hat, now's the time to strike.

Manniversary Update [Team Fortress]


    Is anybody else mystified as to the appeal of hats? Is TF2 still a tactical FPS? I stopped playing when achievements were implemented, as the only open servers were "achievement farm" types.

      I bought about $5 in hats and weaponry to see what all the fuss was about. I quickly regretted that decision, and wondered why I bothered at all.

      not aussie servers mate

      a lot of the servers have decent players on it and loads of map rotation, including mods

      even 100% crit servers, which is very fun to play

      Valve themselves are mystified as to why people have spent so much on hats.

        It's not very mystifying when you consider those farming games on stalkfacebookthing.

        I too was mystified until I realized that I could farm some poor sap into giving me $60US games for them. Haven't looked back since the steam trade update.

      Achievements have been in the game since release ...

      I don't know either,however you may also wish to take a look at Ragnarok Online, where hats are also very popular...

    The early updates to add weapons to the pyro and heavy were good, but as soon as arena mode and hats and all this weird stuff came in, TF2 stopped being good. Props I Valve for supporting the game, but they've updated it into mediocrity :(

      How did it stop being good? Gameplay is still the same...

    I used to share the same opinion as you guys, having not played tf2 pretty much since it first came out. But having picked it up this year, I found it is still a helluva fun game to play, once you find the right server and map rotation. Plus hats don't really impact on anything, no one is forcing you to buy them, so they're not really detracting from my overall enjoyment of the game. random item drops are a nice touch though.

    As soon as crafting and item trading came in I stopped playing, so I guess that was a year ago. It start to feel like FPS version of WoW. Everyone too busy typing "wanted to trade such and such" to play the bloody game.

      That quickly toned down. These days if you want to do trading you either go on the trade servers or use the valve forums. It's pretty rare to spot any 'WTB Viking Hat" these days outside of those areas.

    People like to hate on all the additions they made but its still basically the same game. The original weapons are still the best. There is just more variety to play around with which I think is fun.
    I used to play heaps but stopped playing for a long time when i got frustrated after focusing too much on achievements and trying to unlock weapons.
    But now when i play its just for the fun of it, and its still a lot of fun.

    It has already been a year? When did years start going by so quickly for me? Sigh.

    I don't see the attraction myself, particularly when a lot of them are craftable if you really want them. But if it means Valve gets most of their revenue from something frivolous, and not from say... access to maps then I am all for it.

    Also, if you avoid the "trade" servers and find a good one to play on (there are some great australian ones), then there is little to no trading done in game. In my experience anyway.

      and you can go one further. In (I think it's either the options or the advanced options) you can turn off trades entirely. Even the alerts from people wanting to duel or someone's strange gun leveling up.

    I was a Valve and Team Fortress 2 die hard for a long time..

    You have to hand it to Valve that they are getting so much longevity from a game that's nearly 4 years old..

    Though to be totally honest they have just added so much junk I just cant bring myself to play it anymore.. TF2's charm was its simplicity but I just can't keep up with all the crap that's been thrown in there.

    The sad result is it now just feels like an old school pack of trading cards. Everyone is in it for the cards and the game itself feels like the shitty piece of gum..

    And then the Steam Community completely died for almost two hours. Seriously, what the hell? How did that even happen?

    And TF2 backpacks still aren't working for most people. I don't know what they did, but they definitely did it wrong.

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