VVVVVV Coming Soon To Nintendo 3DS

The superbad ultrahard old-school platformer VVVVV, which debuted to raves when it released nearly two years ago, is making its way to the Nintendo 3DS and, yes, the game will be presented in 3D.

Nicalis will publish the game to the Nintendo 3DS eShop but did not specify a release date. However, anyone headed to Indiecade in Culver City, California, can play "a near-complete preview VVVVVVersion for the first time on 3DS!" while there. "Just find [developers]Terry Cavanagh or Tyrone Rodriguez and ask them to play!" Nicalis said in a news release.

The statement promised VVVVVV would deliver "full 3D awesomeness integrated into the retro-looking art style", as well as "dual screen functionality with a real-time map". New levels and future content updates also are promised.


    Fun game that I enjoyed heaps on PC... but it was over in a couple of hours. So hopefully the extra content is considerable, and/or the price is actually reasonable (compared to the $2 or whatever I paid originally)!

    Hell yes I will double dip. GOTY 2010.


    At last, a reason to own a 3DS.

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