Wait, There's A Halo Movie Planned For 2012?

Here's an odd thing. The French press kit for the Halo novel Cryptum mentions a Halo movie. Involving Steven Spielberg. With vague words that it's due in 2012. That's... not far away.

You can see it at the foot of this press handout, also mentioning the involvement of Spielberg's Dreamworks studios.

It's not the first time these three things have been mentioned together. We first heard it in 2009. And then again last year. So at least there's precedent.

But come on. This would be a Hollywood motion picture. Hollywood doesn't work like video games. You can't keep a project secret when it's being optioned, let alone in production, so there's no way such a project would be hitting theatres so quickly.

Meaning this is either complete fantasy. Or a press release using internet rumours as fact. Or simply wasn't terribly clear what was being announced, the film's release or the announcement of an announcement that the film's being made.

I'd wager it's one of the fist two, but we've contacted Microsoft, just in case it's the third.

Le film Halo par Spielberg en 2012 ?! [Halo.fr]


    They should get Rooster Teeth in for the voice acting and writing the scripts.

      With Donut to voice the Master Chief.

        Sorry but if someone is to voice the chief, it must be Caboose.

          Thre is only one who should nay MUST have the role

        Samuel L MOTHERFUCKEN Jackson as Johnson

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