Warcraft Re-Imagined In Retro Colour Graphics

Artist João Victor G. Costa took Warcraft and added old-school colour graphics. The result is beautiful minimalism.

According to Costa, "I know the black 'emptiness' suck, but it's for the sake of the gameplay, really."

Introduced in 1981, the Color Graphics Adapter was IBM's first graphics card. Decades later, graphics cards have advanced, producing more realistic graphics, but not necessarily more artistic ones.

Warcraft CGA [DeviantArt via GSW]


    Its pretty amazing how much you can do with 4 colours.

    Ahhh CGA, my old friend. :)

    CGA. Fond memories... of really really shit games.

    Not sure why.

    The black emptyness doesn't suck at all. That was how it was DONE, man. Represent! :-P

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