Watch 57 Seconds Of Battlefield 3 Blowin' Shit Up

EA's upcoming shooter Battlefield 3 lets you destroy certain parts of the environment. Not all of it, but enough to let them compile this 57-second trailer of buildings collapsing.

You've seen some of this footage before, but most of it looks to have been captured directly in-game, including some multiplayer madness involving man vs helicopter and Mig vs communications tower.

Battlefield 3 is out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 25.


    Another gem of journalism from Luke Plunkett.

    *30 seconds of blowin' shit up* 27 seconds of EA and Dice logos

      More like 37 to 20

      Yes, I counted.

        makes a difference? lol.. more than 7 seconds was stuff we've already seen anyway so less than 30 seconds of new shit blowin' up.

          Was just sayin'

    well i have played the PC beta and the destruction has been massively toned down over BC2, which is a shame, I really enjoyed the over the top destruction its not realistic but nor is most of what shooters have going. Was the reduce destruction was employed due to increased graphics, probably which if so its a shame destruction > detailed textures.

      How many times do people have to say this!

      DICE have already stated that they toned down the destruction in the beta. While you won't be able to completely level buildings, you'll still be able to produce a butt-load of destruction in the full game. & to answer your last question, no, destruction was not reduced due to increased graphics. It's just the new destruction 3.0 along side of the Frostbite 2 engine, making things look, & feel more "real".

    Everytime I watch these videos I fall in love- I wish there wasn't a public beta for this game, because to me it was pretty shit and not representative of the game we will get

      On the other hand im quite happy they did do a large public beta, hopefully it wont be as horrendous with network issues as when bad company 2 came out.

      Only thing that ruined it is the people complaining about lack of quality because they expected something better. It was a beta.

    Shame the two big ones (the falling pillar, and the multi-story complex) were from what appears to be the story, and not rendered in real time destruction.

    "Mig vs communications tower"

    Not to nitpick, but there's no MiGs in BF3. It's a Sukhoi.

    eh who cares, looks like medal of honor DLC.

    I want that damn soundtrack! it's the same as the Caspian Border gameplay trailer...

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