Watch Daigo Get Perfected In Super Street Fighter IV

Could you obliterate legendary competitive Street Fighter player Daigo "The Beast" Umehara? Could you perfect him in Super Street Fighter IV, keeping him from laying a finger on you?

At the EVO 2011 fighting game tournament earlier this year, a gamer named Poongko did. Marvel at this. Remember, in a different Street Fighter game, Daigo did this.

Official Evo 2011 Moment #13 Daigo Vs Poongko [Shoryuken, via Capcom Unity]


    Playing as Seth does not count. It's too cheap. He's way too overpowered as a character for tournament use.

      I think it's a fair handicap when it's a random player vs diago.

      Daigo is playing as Yun. I don't think we have to be worried about which character is more broken.

      And Poongko is pretty tank at a bunch of characters anyway. His Cody is amazing.

        Yeah there doesn't seem to be an up to date tier list yet for SSFIV Arcade Edition, but it's pretty widely accepted that Yun is top tier.

        According to the latest SSFIV tier list (which obviously doesn't include Yun), Seth is actually class B:

        Take from that what you will.


    seth is far from overpowered. his health is the lowest, his stun is the lowest (ie. get's stunned the fastest), and has some of the lowest damage output. he has great mixup ability and lots of good moves, though. he's relatively balanced in that regard.

    if you're comparing him to the version you face during arcade mode, they are nothing alike. and it's something anyone would notice if they had played the game for longer than 5 minutes.

    Daigo looks like he was just taking hits - is he bored of winning?

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