Watch Harrison Ford Play Uncharted For Almost Seven Minutes

As previously posted, Harrison Ford is appearing in Uncharted 3's Japanese television commercials.

The above video shows Ford playing Uncharted 3 and talking about the game. It's the best clip of the bunch—far better than the actual commercial, which feels phony.

The commercial does feature Ford speaking Japanese as well as his calligraphy. Ford wrote "スゲェ", which means "fantastic" or "great", along with his name.

I like hearing Harrison Ford talk about Uncharted. It's like hearing my mum talk about video games, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Thanks, PoweredByHentai for the tip!


    That controller isn't even on.

      You can't see the little red light all the time, but when you can, it's on :)

    No wayyy so I guess the game is not based on true story too right??

    It's great to hear a celebrity enjoying a game and breaking the stereotypes! Because Harrison Ford is a boss!

    He's not even playing the damn game! it's like some one else played it really well recorded it.. then they just played it back on that TV n payed him to talk shit about it for 7 minutes.. I love uncharted so im buying it anyway!

    Why are there TWO articles on this story?

      You're right Steven. We need many, many more articles featuring Harrison Ford.

      Because making a second article removed the need to edit the original?

        Brian has reached a new low... or high depending on your perception.

    Well considering Drake is a younger rip off of Indy, this is fitting.

    This was fun to watch :)

    I can't imagine how it must feel for the folks at Naughty Dog to see that look of 'child-like-awe' and joy come across the face of Indiana Jones as he's playing the game they made.


    Oh Harrison...earings on old men don't make them look younger, just like they're clinging to their faded youth.

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