Watch This Lady Explain Just How Crazy Uwe Boll Is

Watch This Lady Explain Just How Crazy Uwe Boll Is

German filmmaker and all around special guy Uwe Boll has a bit of a bad rep with gamers. Mostly due to his parade of terrible movies based on video games.

But you’re all missing the point! The point isn’t to judge him solely on his movies. The point is to admire that a man such as Boll exists and can still make movies in the 21st century. Especially when he treats his crew like this.

The above interview is with accomplished writer Guinevere Turner, and was featured in the documentary Tales from the Script, which is about… movie writers!

It’s hilarious. But also slightly NSFW.

BloodRayne writer recalls the sideshow that is Uwe Boll [Destructoid]


  • Being a screenwriter would be a terrible terrible job. I couldn’t stand writing something, even if I didn’t think it was that great, putting my name on it and then letting someone like Uwe Boll or other directors of his ilk rape it and murder it and then sell tickets for others to watch…

    Glad to see she could just “let it go” though :-P… If it were me, I would’ve steamed about it for months and then finally called Mr. Boll up at 4 am one morning to let him have it in a language he doesn’t understand.

  • This is great. I’ll upload my three audio interviews with Uwe one day soon that I did a few years back for you guys to listen to. He’s batshit nuts. He’s also pretty nice, but also seriously deluded. I find him personable but I was an interviewer, not a co-worker or subordinate.

    But when he compared himself to Spielburg in one interview…

    Holy crap.

  • Surprise: Uwe Boll is just as narcissistic, lacking in self awareness, belligerent and insane as everyone thought he was.

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