We Few, We Happy Few...

Gabrielle Salonga, who's had it up to here with internet commenting system fanboys, shows that it's neither red nor blue (green?) that matters. It's the space between.

1 Oct [Game On]


    just buy both consoles

    What a great article... about this picture... awesome work guys.

      What a helpful and insightful comment... about this article about this picture. Great work guy!

    I wanted a PS3, but I picked up a 360 cheap, so in the end $$ decided. The only 360 fanboy thing I could say perhaps is I like the 360's controller much more than the PS3's. Ofcourse I wish my 360 didn't sound like a jet engine when spinning the disk drive... :S


    I had an Xbox that broke so I got a new one slim one, then I bought a new PS3 slim but it broke so I use my old one. Like strange mirror images of each other.

    I have both. Had an xbox first so I have more games for it, but started getting more for ps3 once I discovered that it can play foreign games straight up. I don't really care enough about either side to be a fanboy.

    Xbox is my preference, but only due to the controller. I own both of them though, still some great games on PS even though I focus mainly on the xbox

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    I have both but still nearly always go for the Xbox first for gaming if on both platforms, simply because of the controller and Xbox live, its just better. I use my PS3 for Bluray, Play Tv but love both and am not a fanboy for either.

    I've noticed that the people who tend to fanboy each are usually teens and kids. I suspect part of it is because they can only really afford to support one platform, they have a distinct tribe mentality and are immature enough to think people care about these things.

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