We'll Have The Next Gen Xbox When We Have Pro Robot Boxing

We're either going to have a very long wait for the so-called Xbox 720, or it's going to be around for so long that our national pastime will involve giant robots box each other into oblivion.

Our first fake look at the next Xbox comes courtesy of the "Hit Back" trailer for Real Steel, the Hugh Jackman vehicle set in the near future when "human boxing is dead" and boxing between robots is for some reason a thing that sounds even remotely logical.

Obviously, Microsoft's futuristic Xbox visual gag is just part of the movie's product placement — the trailer is slathered with Bing logos — but at least we know we'll still have delicious Del Taco leading into the robot apocalypse. Seriously, you think they're just going to let humans control them in battles to the death for long? We're so screwed.


    ...so robot boxing is rumored to be announced in November?

      No! They're saying Hugh Jackman is the next Xbox!

        I don't know how I feel about that.
        I mean, he's a great bloke and all, but he'd just take up an awful lot of space in my entertainment unit.

          Yeah, but it's the first console I'd be able to buy and bring home without hearing a whole bunch of complaining from my wife.

    Wasn't this already posted a mere two days ago (give or take)?

    Everyone said blah blah terrible CGI artist blah blah be more original with the logo

      yep, this the second article on kotaku ive seen in the past few days that is essentially identical to another one

      must kotaku do something everyday to make it seem like its getting shitter?

      Yup, Bashcraft branching out from japanese pr0n game reporting.

    Just got deja vu.

      this. They even used the same picture.


    so he's using Kinect to control the robot?

    Can't come up with new stories so just reusing ones from the day before?

    Who at kotaku au decides to post these (usually) awful american 'stories', and do they actually bother to read them first?

      I think it was Mark that responded recently to a similar question along the lines that some of these are auto posted or such - not individually vetted.

      Kind of had me thinking there must be some sort of "[] Push story to International Sites" flag when they're published in the US.

    They did the same thing (in a cooler way) with "The Island" in the mid 2000's.

    Xbox 720 virtual reality.

      If by cooler you mean embarrassingly terrible, watching Scarjo with too many clothes on and Ewan Mcgregor playing that faux Xbox thing that made no logical sense whatsoever was awful. It was like they filmed the green screen bit and forgot to put in the cgi.

      Except it was the first-gen Xbox logo. Haha, good times.

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