What Are The Best iOS Games Of All Time?

What Are The Best iOS Games Of All Time?

As you may already know, I do a fair amount of gaming on my iPhone these days, in transit and often at home, so I found this pretty definitive list of some of the best iOS games of all time well worth checking out. Compiled by Jedeye Sniv at Neogaf, it’s a pretty definitive list based on hundreds of votes. I disagree with some of the choices (Doodle Jump at 28? Blashphemy…) but it’s a top notch list, and a great reference point for those looking for new games to check out.

Here’s the top 20, but over 300 games made the list.

1 Plants vs Zombies 2 Game Dev Story 3 Tiny Wings 4 Infinity Blade 5 Superbrothers Swords & Sworcery 6 Cut the Rope 7 Peggle 8 Fruit Ninja 9 Angry Birds 10 Groove Coaster 11 Drop 7 12 Battleheart 13 World of Goo 14 Jetpack Joyride 15 Canabalt 16 Dungeon Raid 17 Carcassonne 18 Flick Kick Football 19 Flight Control 20 DoDonPachi Ressurection

My gut instinct is that there are too many ports on there, as opposed to games that really take advantage of iOS features. Don’t agree with Plants vs. Zombies being at number one, but that’s the point of lists — they’re designed to inspire debate!

Great list guys!

So what do you guys think — any games missing? What’s too high, and what’s too low? Let us know in the comments below!

The Official NeoGAF Best iOS Games of All Time [Neogaf]


    • I think it’s ranked by quality, not popularity. Angry Birds has perhaps the flimsiest mechanics and depth on that whole list. It’s unimpressive in nearly every category, but just happened to reach critical mass and thus platform ubiquity. It’s the Wii Sports.

  • 100 Rogues – While I love the hell out of many of the games in the top 20, I keep coming back to this title over and over.

  • Angry Birds has to be at least 1 or 2. I kinda think it defined the App Store – it was to the iPhone as Halo was to the Xbox IMO.

    Plants vs Zombies would probably come out #1 – the first App I ever purchased.

    -Tiny Wings
    -Cut The Rope
    -The Creeps > Love me some tower defence on the iPhone, need more great titles.
    -StickWars 2
    -Nyan Cat: Lost in Space
    -Beyond YNTH
    *guilty pleasures*
    -Bubble Bust!
    -Zombie Farm
    -Coffee Cafe

    I would add Words With Friends – not the greatest but highly addictive and probably with Angry Birds glued iPhone users to their screens playing games.

    • I guess it depends how they decided which games would appear. Angry Birds is up with in terms of popularity but there are loads of better games on the app store.

  • ugh infinity blade is one of the most overrated games imo. Even more overrated than angry birds.

    If IB had meh graphics id doubt many would even take a look at it.

    • That’s so true. The graphics are stunning. They really blew me away. But after I got over that initial excitement about the graphics, the game turned out to be really repetitive and boring. I expected it to be a lot longer as well. Very overrated game.

      Angry Birds deserve the first spot. I don’t think it’s the best game. But like someone said, it defined the app store and set a standard for other iOS games.

      My personal favorites include rpgs like Dungeon Hunter 2, Order & Chaos Online but also puzzle games like Feed Me Oil and Angry Birds (although I’ve gotten fairly tired of Angry Birds)

  • I think my favourite mobile game is Cut the Rope. It has all the accessibility of something like Angry Birds, but forces you to figure out the puzzle rather than fire blindly to pass the level. Small puzzle games like that are the best for short-burst play, in my opinion.

  • Maybe it’s a bit niche but Street Fighter Volt Protocol is awesome. You really have to have it if you like street fighter at all.

  • Train Controller is up there for me; trying to work out more efficient ways around the track networks keeps me coming back to it.

  • Plants vs Zombie is good, but it is still only a port of the far superior original on the PC.
    Game dev story on the other hand is one of few games on iOS that kept me glued to the screen for hours and has caused many a late night and bleary-eyed mornings.
    Also, am I weird for hating Angry Birds? I mean it’s just a paid version of Castle Crushers (and other similar flash games).

  • So glad Game Dev Story is up there. That game ate away at my life for so long… Though I disagree with Plants vs Zombies beating it for two reasons –
    1. It’s a port, it shouldn’t be up there
    2. Game Dev Story is a better game anyway.

  • Surprised no-one else here has mentioned Battleheart. I think it was $5.99 when I got it, and worth every cent. Best game I’ve played in the App Store.

    I’ll be sure to check out a few more on this list, though.

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