What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
What Are You Playing This Weekend?God Hand was once described as being “like writing a friendly letter by hand while wearing brass knuckles”. I am not entirely sure what that means, although I do know that I now have God Hand on my PS3 thanks to my brother’s downloading skills, so I guess that is what I will be playing this weekend. How about you?

I’m coming into God Hand knowing very little about it, but when friends and colleagues have exploded with excitement all over Twitter about its PSN release and Tim has described it as “the friction of a cricket bat against an oncoming Harley Davidson”, I can’t help but think that God Hand might actually punch me in the brain and have me enjoy it.

So if I come back brain damaged next week, perhaps we’ll be able to blame video games.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • I’m halfway through my Splatterhouse replay, think I’ll finish that… Probably some Gears 3 with any other spare time I have.

  • Dark Souls! Plus I will finally be getting the last couple of achievements for Mass Effect, Finally!
    and some mp Gears and Space Marine.

    • Mass Effect 1 or 2? If it was 1, how many playthroughs does it take to get them all?? Seems like it must be lots.

      • Number 1, never had Tali enough to get her cheevo, plus I never used AI Hacking and last time I finished a was about 1000xp short of level 60. So I should be able to get the last of these pretty quickly, I have just been lazy is all.
        Should take a few playthroughs to get them all, mainly because of the character specific cheevos.
        Mass Effect 2 only took me 2 playthroughs to get all the achievements.

        • The thing I found with 1 was that the companion ones were super picky. I definitely used Garrus and Liara for the “majority” of the game, but it apparently wasn’t enough because I might have changed them out a couple of times.

          But agreed on 2. I’ve played it through once and have everything except the insanity difficulty one.

          • Yeah, with my first playthrough I think I just got lucky getting one companion cheevo, after that I made sure to use the same people for all main missions and at least half of the secondary ones.
            Though, saying that, I do remeber getting a character cheevo mid-way through the virmire mission. Weird.

          • Oh one thing with that is you won’t get the chevo by just doing the main story – you need to pad it out with most or all of the side missions apparently.

  • Ooh, ooh, same thing I’ve said every thing for about 3 months – Dragon Age: Origins (now over half way explored apparently!) and Ocarina of Time. But now with added Space Channel 5: Part 2. Up, Down, Up, Down, Chu, Chu, Chu!

  • Hopefully finish my “Super Hard Makes you cry tears of manliness” difficulty play through of Mass Effect and then (even though I promised this last weekend) I WILL finish ICO, actually maybe not because I’m upgrading my computer this weekend for BF3 so I may be playing the beta.

    • It IS really hard on the higher difficulties. And clunky, compared to the sequal. Soooo sick of my femshep collapsing on herself, and that “seath-syth-overture”. Sigh…

  • Going to give the very buggy BF3 beta another go. I hope it is not like this when it released.

    Also continue with my Deus Ex replay. So many things I missed, like the racist black hobo…

  • NBA 2K12. Hugely out of form so far, so I’ve been getting smashed when playing “simulation” mode. Plus, having Garnett injured immediately doesn’t help.

    Also Dead Space 2.

  • LoL and Minecraft! After seeing examples of ‘monster drops’ I am going to create a ‘player drop’ using a really high railway! Then when they fall to their deaths I can harvest their goodies!

  • My lovely wife rocked up with a copy of Gears 3 the other day. So i’ll be killing a few hours with that, and mixing it up with a little Space Marine MP.

  • RAGE RAGE RAGE… I must admit… the megatexture technology used in idtech 5 does wonders on performance… the engine is so well optimised, and thegame looks incredible…

    But has anyone actually gotten the level editor to work? In may Tim willits stated that it was as easy as bringing down the console and typing ‘id studio’. Well that command is unrecognised, but ive been mucking around with it and found that the command ‘idstudio’ is recognised but doesnt do anything… perhaps you need to be in a dev mode?

  • Just picked up Rage last night, and was up til 4am playing it. Had to get up for work at 7, and now sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for the time to pass so I can go home and pick up where I left off. I think this will consume most of my weekend. Oh, and if I can find a shop that will break the street date for Forza 4, I will probably play that too.

  • Bee an i are babysitting her little sister – so probably nothing that she can’t play.. 🙁

    Luckily i got in a little bit of space marine last night…

  • I don’t know. I finished everything I had lined up at the moment.

    Well, there’s Starcraft 2, because I need to continue learning to suck less at that. Then there’s also Demons’ Souls, which had been abandoned but might help tie me over while I wait for Zavvi to deliver Dark Souls.

    Oh, and Infamous 2 which I bought during Shameless Gaming Month, so only played the very start of before putting aside to focus on my older games.

    So there are options but which one I take will be a mystery.

    Probably just going to end up playing Gears 3 Horde mode over and over again.

  • Just finished the awesome Gears 3 campaign, so want to get stuck into some multiplayer action.. though might be hard to squeeze in some gaming this weekend as I’m off to the hunter valley… grr not enuf time!

    Any Gears players, feel free to add me: gunni3

  • I downloaded Costume Quest on the PSN because it was free for plus users (having bought it on 360 and not gotten very far with it). Already ploughed through about half of it last night so I reckon I’ll finish that and then maybe go back to the 360 version haha. I bought Dark Souls and it has already made me cower in the corner, so I’m not sure I can face it. And then there are Colossi to slay, though it breaks my heart to do it to most of them.

    • I downloaded Costume Quest too – fired it up last night, and it’s actually a lot of fun! I felt weird because I stopped playing Dark Souls for an hour or so to give it a go. Might have to try and finish it off this weekend – there’s also a DLC for it, for about $5 – might have to check it out….

  • Dark Souls, Driver: San Fran, Persona 3 Portable and… Err, maybe keep going on my second run of Persona 4, mainly because I want Izanagi No Okami or whatever.

    But mainly Dark Souls.

  • Not sure this weekend, just finished crysis so might jump start into warhead.
    Going to be working most of the weekend so don’t think I’ll get much time

  • More Gears 3 Horde action, and tried some Versus matches against friends, such a fan of how GEars does multiplayer.

    Also Rage looks really good so far, I’ve only just done the first few campaign missions but definitely going into multiplayer today – the vehicle combat will hopefully be a blast.

  • will be playing the crap out of Dark Souls all weekend except maybe fallout dlc when I need a break from constant death. last weekend I started and finished both Ico and Shadow Collosus which I am very proud of.

  • Even though I’m working all today/tonight and tomorrow night, I’ll be hitting up as mug Dark Souls as I can. I’m getting my ass handed to me, but I love it. So much.

    • haha know how ya feel, as I came across the first bonfire outside the undead prison, I ventured towards the catacombs as a lvl 1….big mistake but I would just spam the skeletons with a strong attack haha cheap trick but it works

      • Dude I’ve died like 8 times on the first boss at the Undead Berg, not including getting smashed by some huge knight in armour. Then I had to go to work, and unlike demons souls, which frustrated me to no end, this time every time I died i’d be like “god damnit”, but super keen to give it another go.

  • Pacifist and Foxiest of Hounds campaign to finish up in Deus Ex HR. Wonderful game and have really enjoyed the stealth side of it (and gorgeous to look at).

    Got NBA 2K12 and NBA Jam On Fire (XBLA) yesterday – and have some hooping to do. Jam On Fire Edition should have been the one released on disc a while back, while the stuff on disc should’ve been released as DLC!

    And 2K12 is, first impressions, great. Want to delve deeper into online play (where there are usually hiccups) and My Player on the weekend.

  • Well I heard god hand is weird so on that alone its worth a play. I will be playing rage which I got a day early to release due to the street date being broken but anoyingly haven’t played it yet because I’ve been to busy. I did however download the sewer level and claimed my shotgun from the anarchy ed in prep for tonight. My brother finally has time off work so we can play Gears 3 co-op. I was just saying to him the other night how when 2 gears guys chainsaw an enemy at the same time feels kind of wrong.

  • Deus Ex
    Mass Effect 2 (again)
    Space Marine
    Dead Island
    From Dust

    And, I’ll probably be looking for a laptop that can run The Old Republic*

    *God damn you Bioware, you and my never-ending love of KoTOR. God damn you to hell.

  • Finished Gears 3 last w/e, but have started a new game on Hardcore.. will probably sink a few more hours into that.

    Been playing Army of 2 (2?) co-op with a mate, hopefully can get a few hours to complete that.. I’m really enjoying it, I have a single player campaign going too.

    I have a Driver SF new game plus going, and I still have barely started Deus Ex!

    So many games, so little time! And I’m hanging out for Batman in a couple of weeks.

    Oh yeah, Minecraft, there’s always Minecraft. I’ve been seeing all these people post about stuff in 1.9 Pre-release 3, and I’m seriously thinking about trying to install it instead of waiting for the official release…

  • Crysis, Gears of War 1 (don’t wanna start Gears 3 if I haven’t finished 1) & God of War collection part 2.
    If I do pick up Darks Souls today, it’s all Dark Souls & nothing else matters.

  • Be playing the game i have made, i have to present it on Tuesday in front of class. 😀

    Might play some more hard reset, haven’t put it on it a while, trying to space it out.

  • Dead Space. Picked it up cheap. Tried playing it upon release but my wife was so freaked out it impossible to play. She’s more… subdued, this time around. Very happy 🙂

    I may go back to Mass Effect 1 again for my Femshep run, but the clunky controls are giving me the shits…

  • Dark souls, Bastion, maybe clean up the fable 3 playthrough. And minecraft. Girlfriend bought this during the week so we’ve got a multi server running locally.

  • This weekend i’ll be sitting on the couch waiting for series 8 samsung 3d to rock up. Seriously, seriously had to tone down the amount of games i’ve been buying.

    I’ll give the following a play on the weekend:
    Gears 3
    Dark souls
    Halo reach
    BF3 beta.
    And the daunting pile.

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