What Are You Playing This Weekend

Folks - this is the moment where you envy me and, possibly, want to maim me with with the nearest blunt instrument. This weekend I am going to go home, and I am going to play the Batman. So, yeah, I'll be playing Batman: Arkham City this weekend - but what will you be playing?

There's a bit of an embarrassment of riches out there at the moment. Forza 4, Gears of War 3, FIFA 12, Dark Souls - the past couple of weeks have been pretty incredible, and it's only going to go into overdrive from here.

To be honest - I'm a little bit worried about finding the time to play all these games.

I'm sure you're feeling something similar. When are we doing the next month of shameless gaming - because my pile is going to be ridiculous.


    Unless my copy of RAGE turns up at work by this afternoon, I'll be playing Orcs Must Die! or Crysis (re-installed it on PC, tweaked the settings, looks and runs pretty sweet now)

      order it from ozgameshop?
      Me do! i didnt know that the english got the game almost a week after everyone else, and it would be delayed for me too...

        I ordered from there too but I got the e-mail saying it had been shipped the same release day as here.

    Even though I'm working all weekend, I'm going to try and slot some Rage and Dark Souls in. I suck at Dark Souls though :(

      Sounds exactly like my weekend, except I'm not working! :D

    Forza 4, Mortal Kombat, From Dust and counting down to Skyrim

    BFBC2 each morning followed by some uncharted 2 on crusher setting after that :)
    Come Oct 27 replace BFBC2 with BF3!

      oh and Mark....


    Still trying to get 100% on just cause 2. Miles off at the moment, only at 61%, chipping away though.

    I've got to finish Space Marine and Dead Island this weekend, and start playing Dark Souls and El Shaddai. Plus I'd like to checkout the adventure update of Minecraft I haven't even looked at yet.

    But I would eat tuna to play Arkham City this weekend. (I hate tuna)

    And in a few weeks Skyrim is just going to sweep everything else away like a tsunami of pure time sucking bliss.

    I picked up Xenoblade Chronicles Last Sunday and haven't put it down since. I doubt that will change this weekend.

    Dark Souls and maybe finally getting around to finishing Deus Ex and Gears.
    As for playing Arkham City, have I introduced you to Clubby yet? I know he is very eager to meet you all of a sudden :P

    More Dark Souls - rung the first bell in the undead parish, and all but mastered parrying/riposte with my shield and dagger on my thief. Very, very satisfying.

    Picked up Metro 2033 and Titan Quest off Steam the other day for like $5 each, probably download them and give them a bash.

    Also, the inevitable Minecraft.

    Hopefully finishing the SP componant of Spayce Maureeen!

      I don't know if I can be bothered... I keep getting killed by the Orc boss.

    Just put Uncharted 2 into the new PS3 for the first time last night...

    There goes my weekend.

    Oh Hi Mark.
    Dark Souls for me. Bring on Havel the Rock's Armour.

    Mafia 2 most likely, my brothers been hyping it up for months. I plan on playing Batman on the PC, so I've had to come to grips with the delay, so no rage from me... Mostly...

    Fallout 3 and maybe New Vegas.

    Picked up Assassins Creed 2 last weekend for $18 so will probably give that a play.

    Still going through Deus Ex trying not to kill anyone or set off any alarms but some people in this game are rather delicate.

    HOMM VI & "Find the exit at IKEA"

      Man I played that Ikea game the other week - first and last time. Went in knowing exactly what I wanted, and was silly enough to enter the labyrinth of the showroom. Took me 15 minutes to navigate and I came out the other end a nervous wreck. That being said, I got my chest of drawers, then went home and 'assembled' it.


      I am weighing up between getting HOMM VI now or wait until the price drops a bit.. Almost pre-ordered it from Steam the other day but didn't for whatever reason. Afraid that I might get disappointed as I read that it has been dumbed down quite a bit..

      On topic - FIFA 12 this weekend, and maybe a bit of gokart (real one, not the Mario variety)

    I'm off to Perth for a wedding this wkend, but have loaded my ipad with Shadowgun and Dark Meadow for the 5 hour flight, so will be checking those out!

    You don't have to play them all remember?

    On the chance that my Dark Souls order arrives today, I'll be playing that.

      Postman drove past without even stopping. No Dark Souls for me this weekend :(

        Just hold onto that $15 you saved and let it comfort you to sleep. :)

    Finsihing Gears co-op today in t-minus 2 hours! Yew! and then twilight princess on wii.


      Really want to get the rest of the Ass:bro multiplayer achievements before Ass Revelations comes out.

      Need to get into some serious Assbro multiplayer.

        Xbox or PS3? I'm only playing the Multiplayer on Ass:Bro so far while continue to work my way through the story in ACII

    Finish up Metro 2033 then burn some rubber in Forza 4

    My wife finally hassled me enough that I'm playing the Fallout New Vegas DLC - I've knocked out honest Hears and Dead Money. With Dead Money out of the way I'm feeling a lot more optimistic (I tried it once and it did not go well) so I'll probably try and do Old World Blues tonight/tomorrow and Lonesome Road tomorrow/Sunday - then I might actually go finish the damn game!

    We have Rage which I played for about ten minutes. I don't know if I want to play it, to be honest. I'm not really all that interested in it. I might just bow out now before I earn any achievements.

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