What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Well, I don't think it takes a genius to guess that a decent sized majority of you guys will be busting out some Battlefield 3 this weekend, but me? I'll probably be playing catch-up on Batman: Arkham City and Shadow of the Colossus. But I'm weird like that. So let us know — what are you guys playing this weekend?

We're starting to approach the point where there is an absolute embarrassment of riches at our disposal. PixelJunk Sidescroller also just came out, and I've played every single PixelJunk game ever made, so that's another one that'll be hard to avoid!

The good news, for me at least, is the fact that I've got the weekend to myself — since my wife is going off on a trip — so I should be able to put some serious amount of time into Batman: Arkham City.

But what are you guys playing this weekend?


    Burnout Paradise - I'm inching closer to my Elite Licence, less than 40 events to go!

    Also got Xenoblade to play and perhaps Arkham City if it arrives in my mailbox today.

    I'm going to the dentist tomorrow, after that i'll be playing Farmville to numb the pain.

    BF3! And some Fifa 12 as standard, plus some Uncharted 1 and 2 in preperation...

    Is Killzone 3 any good? Thinking of picking it up this arvo.

    Live in WA so already on my weekend. Long Weekend FTW. Playing a bit of Assassins Creed in prep for Revelations. Keeping my nervous twitch under control as I wait for Arkham City to be released on PC.

    I'll be raging at Dark Souls

    Battlefield 3. I dreamt about it last night.

      I may also start making preparations for WoW patch 4.3. I've got a Rogue I really need to get raid-ready if I want to go for those legendaries.

    Cod4 like I do every weekend! Promod ftw

    Shameless gaming: Crysis 2 PC.

    My copy of Rage turned up, really enjoying that... so much to do, I quite enjoy the FPS/Driving mashup.

    Other than that, up to the Joker on my Arkham Asylum (yes, Asylum... won't have time to play City until I get back from Singapore) playthrough. Will also finish Uncharted 1 in anticipation of Uncharted 3 when I return.

    The missus has a full weekend of uni catch up so its a Battlefield 3 Marathon for me starting at about 1pm today.

    Still waiting on Arkham City, can't find my classic controller for Xenoblade (went AWOL during the last move), so it's looking like a weekend of Dark Souls. Not a bad thing though, just near the end of Anor Londo (?) and it's got me well and truly hooked.

    Probably some Battlefield, mixed in with more Batman.

    I'll probably end up caving with some PSN purchases also, in the form of Rocketbirds & Okabu (something to play with the GF).

    Aren't all majorities decently sized...?

    I'm playing FO:NV from now until whenever - I'm committed to getting my first platinum!

    Well exams will be over so i will finish hard reset, deus ex, batman aa and maybe a few others but only if my installs being trabsfered to my portable drive then back in to my freely formatted dual boot mac osx and win 7 works

    Finish off Arkham City and finish my cardboard shrine to Skyrim...

    Dark Souls if I get a chance. I have quite a busy weekend of RL socialising and what not. A Halloween-themed Birthday party - my girlfriend and I are going as 'workout Barbie & Ken'. We love spandex.

      Haha it's my niece's 7th birthday tomorrow and she is having a Barbie party. I am going as Disco Ken.

        Good times!

    Battlefield 3 and Halloween TF2 :D

    Arkham City for now! Saving for Uncharted 3!

    Well i WONT be playing Battlefield.

    Not because i dont have it, its just really annoying/difficult/frustrating to play with the lag issues and the CTD's every now and then. Seriously, this is worse than open beta...

    I have my last exam for the year in a few minutes, then after that a week off.


    More love for Dark Souls & Arkham City than Battlefield 3! Love your work guys:)

    I am having a games night at my house tomorrow night and have bought a Kinect and Dance Central 2 for that very purpose. I can also see the Singstar getting a run, and later in the evening the drunk dregs will probably want to play Fifa or CoD (though I am hoping to convince them to give Reach a run) :( .

    No-one ever wants to play Pokemon Snap. :(

    Two weeks off works with no solid plans so my gaming marathon starts tomorrow afternoon and will continue for some time :D

    I'll be finishing off the Battlefield 3 campaign then have a laugh in multiplayer over how much I suck!

    After that I can see an El Shaddai marathon in my future. That game is glorious.

    I'll be playing with myself

      eh single player is good,
      but Co-Op is where the fun is *nods*

        No one wants to 'co-op' with me...so I only do it by myself...

          that sucks... tried the "public rooms"?




          what? we're clearly still talking about gaming right? RIGHT?

            Wait so there is no such thing as drop in and drop out co op for short hard fast sessions? Have I had the wrong idea all along?

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