What Gears Of War's Designer Wants For The Next Xbox

The next Xbox hasn't been announced. There have been hints and rumours, but nothing official. Regardless, it is coming, and game designers, like the rest of us, have a laundry list of things they want. Gears of War Cliff Bleszinski is no different.

Bleszinski told OXM, "I'm sorry, do you think graphics are good enough? No they're not!" The Xbox 360 was released in 2005, and the graphics are showing their age.

"The Xbox 360 is great," the game designer continued, "we've pushed it further than we ever have with Gears of War 3, but I want Avatar in real-time and beyond, I want fully realistic CG, and are we there? Absolutely not. I think there's absolutely room for improvement."

Bleszinski concedes that graphics do not make gameplay, but added, "When I fire up my projector back at my house, put Avatar on — it still makes your jaw drop, it's like a giant portal to another planet. I think we still have a long way to go before we get there, and I want us to get there."

Since Bleszinski works at Epic Games, makers of the Unreal Engine, he just might.

Back in April, Kotaku showed an exclusive look at the next Unreal Engine.

I Want Avatar [CVG]

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    Avatar quality graphics in real time is a pipedream, it takes rendering farms of 100's and 1000's computers to make a single frame.
    The unreal 4 engine demo might be possible on the next gen consoles if were lucky and they figure out how to cut some corners.
    The next gen won't be a massive leap like say from ps1 to ps2 or ps2 to ps3 simply because those previous jumps at least doubled the resolution but now they can only go from 720P to 1080P which depending on the size of your TV and users eyesight might not even be noticeable.
    So basically were talking better object detail, special effects,lighting/shadows and better 3D TV support and hopefully 60 frames a second that they will sacrifice for pretty sceenshots that sell games.

    Guy who makes games I dislike praising a movie I dislike while being a graphics whore. I don't know what I was expecting... maybe a list of important things for the next xbox I guess, improved graphics.. like that isn't a given.

    Cliff/Epic/Gears are the reason the Xbox 360 has 512MB RAM. It was only going to have 256MB, but Epic pushed for 512MB and showed the difference it would make with Gears.

      Yeah I remember reading that, they demoed gears during development of the 360 and the difference was huge. 360 would only be heaps worse if it wasn;t for epic at that stage.

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