What Is EB World, And Why Are They Giving Me Carrots?

EB is launching a new loyalty program for its customers, and it's extremely strange to say the very least. Headed up by its rabbit mascot 'Buck', EB rewards customers for money spent in store, trade values and various other means by issuing 'carrots'. The more carrots you earn, the more privileges you have. And no - I am not making this up.

The system is clearly tailored to help grow the trade and buy market, with customers earning twice the amount of carrots for buying pre-owned games compared to new releases. Customers can also earn carrots for trading in games.

The reward for earning carrots works a little like frequent flyer points, in that EB World customers receive increased perks the more 'carrots' they earn.

The EB World initiative is headed up by mascot 'Buck'. The following quote comes direct from EB's website...

Meet Buck If you think all bunnies are cute, sweet and innocent – think again! Meet Buck, the loudmouth, cheeky bunny who is the hero of EB World. Just like you, Buck lives for game play. When he's not hopping round the upper levels of his fave RPG, he's fragging mobs, dodging damage and generally leaving a trail of epic pwnage in his wake.

We've heard a rumour that Buck has been banned from Las Vegas so he's headed down under for a fresh start. But one thing's for sure – now he's found a home in EB World, he's here to stay. Buck's made it his mission to bring EB Games customers epic exclusives, better deals and more play. After all, that’s what a gamer's life should be all about.

Honestly, we have absolutely no idea what to make of this.

Thanks to Vooks for the heads up.


    EB customers won't be so happy when they implement the "sticks" incentive scheme in a few months.

      I lol'd.

      Otherwise, I still don't get why EB Games is so popular. Don't people use Ozgameshop or JB if they want to buy locally? I mean, heck, even K-Mart and Big W are pretty competitive these days.


        And the following huge seasonal sales of said pre-owned stuff =P

        You can grab fairly decent bargains on their seasonal sales for older titles or preowned stuff. Otherwise its normaly JB or Gametraders for local new release stuff and online for imports.

        Probably also depends on where you live. Where I live, We only have JB and EB, and EB gets the vast majority of good pre order bonuses, which coupled with the fact that they have sales almost every other day, means that they get a fair share of the local customer base, myself included. Also, It could also have to do with other stores, given that where I live, Kmart has about 4 1/4 Isles of Gaming related stuff, including consoles, about half of which is Wii/DS related, the Local Big Dub has about 2 Isles including Consoles, and the Local Myers has about 1/2 an Isle of Gaming Merchandise, Hell, even JB has only a relative 3 Isles of Gaming stuff, give or take depending on if they also have stand in the store for "Buy 2 get 1 Free" and the like.

        That's because gamestop aka eb games is very popular :)

    I agree. What. The. Hell.

    Trying to out-WTF GAME and their "Two Guys In A Basement" show?

    Which reminds me Mark: I think you said you were going to be on that GAME show? Do you have a link to the particular episode? Or am I just tripping?

      Ha! Game show! I meant GAME TV, but I'm also interested in videos of you appearing on Wheel of Fortune.

      I don't think it's up yet... I wonder if they'll ever post it!

    EB won't ever sell anyone on their hardcore '13370rz' marketing image while ever they still force employees to wear business attire.

      Sorry, which stores are forcing business attire? Because I would welcome that more that the slutty nightclub looks and hipster looks I'm seeing at my local EB Games... Especially when one of the slutty dressers is on the chubby side.

        Fair call, but do you know how demoralising it is having to where a tie while selling video games to folks your own age?

          What the heck are you talking about? I used to work for them and had no problem with it wha-so-ever.
          In fact, i liked it.
          How is it "demoralising" exactly?

            Those mean teenagers make snide comments about his mother and his dress sense. I am only guessing.

            To each their own. I always felt like a tool dressing like I was appearing in court, particularly when management got up in arms over the rolling of sleeves.

              Yeah some of us wear 'business' attire for you know... business. It's not just for going to court....

                So then what do lawyers wear?

                  A lawsuit, Duh!


          Demoralising? I'd wear a full suit every day if I could. Only reason I don't wear one to work is because I have to wear a work uniform, and I'd add a tie to it the instant I'm allowed.

      Business attire appeals to the people buying the games,ie. Mum and Dad or those who work and can afford it. Being of the latter, I for one am glad to see them wearing shirt and tie, it's nice to see someone with pride in their appearance. When I walk in to an EB games I immediately know who is staff and who isn't. Keep the shirt and tie and look respectable I say.

      Gonna be honest, as a person who works at Eb Games, I love wearing business attire. We now how a new uniform too and that is nice, make's us feel more professional I wouldn't want to work in casual clothing, work is work.

    So if I don't trade in any games (which I don't) and don't particularly lean towards buying preowned, I may need ot spend just shy of ten grand to get to the Level 4 perks? Yyyyeah.

      Basically this, I didn't mention below, I'm another that in most cases doesn't trade in games.

      It's really odd to see a scheme that is supposedly targeting a (for a lack of a better term) hardcore gamer who collect and buy new on Day 1, more benefits are given to those that abuse the EB rental system and feed the problem of the second hand market.

        That's not a problem from EBs point of view... that's the majority of their profit margin.

    Based on that list, there is nothing appealing to me to make me want to make EB my shop of choice.

    I'll stick to GAME and their reward points, seeing as I buy new and not pre-owned, it's good being able to use my points on things that are useful to me, like more new games.

    So if you return a product, do you relinquish your carrots from the purchase too?

      Yes. A returned product means you "return" your carrots.

      yup, I've been reading the brochure myself and there is a stipulation that states if you do return a game you relinquish the point you gained from the purchase.

    I think it is a bit too complicated to be honest.

    So wait u get more carrots if u buy preowned? *facepalm*

      no because pre owned is cheaper than new games so say you get a $10 pre owned game you get 20 carrots but you buy a $80 new game you 80 carrots

    lol eb, to get me coming back, you need to start charging no more than 70 dollars for your games brand new. When that happens I will come back, but no for some crappy loyalty program.

      But don't you get it? That is the beauty of the system. Don't think of it as, you are getting ripped off. But think of it as, "woot more carrots".

    Meh, I only use EB games for when it comes to exclusive collector's editions.

      Same, unless they have cheap games which happens occasionally.

      Otherwise...Gametraders has had something like this for ages ^^;; I got to level 3 before I'd even asked what Level I was.
      EB was the last game company to jump on the bandwagon.

    The problem is I'd still need to give EB money, and I just don't think that's wise. It only encourages them.

    Loyalty programs are rarely worth the effort. The amount you have to spend is so high and the rewards so unimportant it makes no sense to get involved in them.

    The theme of this particular loyalty program is just weird and seems to have nothing to do with games, gaming culture, gamers or anything else you might associate the culture with.

    You've got to be kidding me. The same day an annual academic report comes out saying gamers in Australia are on average 32 years of age, a major retailer launches a cartoon bunny rabbit as a mascot?

      I literally just tweeted the exact same thing!

        Truth be told but as well as what Trjn has said (they've been using the rabbit for a while now) the actual rabbit mascot has been used by EBGames' American Parent company Gamestop for a few year now, t looks like only now have they decided to introduce him (properly) to the Australian market.


          here's an American commercial using the character, note the user upload date is July 2008

        Great minds think alike. ;)

        I do a number of pre-orders of collectors editions with EB, for the games I have to have day 1 but yeah can't see this impacting me. Don't really do much trading being a PC gamer. But I still get some funny looks when I ask for a PC pre-order.

    That rabbit has been in their marketing material for some time.

    Really, it just seems like a loyalty scheme that focuses on getting people to preorder, trade-in and buy used games, while discouraging people from buying new products.

    Great. Just great.

    The very things that EB is trying to encourage here are the things that have caused annoying things like store exclusive preorder bonuses (a nuisance), decreased revenue to developers and publishers (preowned sales are lost sales as far as they're concerned) and day 1 DLC that's free for people who don't buy pre-owned but $10-$15 for those that do buy second hand.

    Sure, preowned sales and trade-ins are great for EB's profit margins but they aren't much of a benefit to consumers and throwing in a loyalty scheme like this only makes it marginally more beneficially. In the same way that bloodletting is marginally more beneficial than amputation when all you have is a fever.

    Despite the use of a bunny, I'm not a fan.

    Cool I suppose :) Bit late though, a couple of years ago would have been great, but I don't spend anywhere near as much money at EB these days

    The "rewards" are way out of whack with the spending, even if the theme wasn't weird.

    This is ridiculous.
    Utterly ridiculous.

    When people ask why Aussie VG retail is dead, you can direct them to this article. Oh and a price list from EB would help too.

    I want to point something out as well that I noticed from reading the brochure. As like most cases with EBgames they use this loyalty club as a means of which to peddle their Magazine subscriptions, if you purchase a 12 month subscription you go straight to level 3.

    However it states that even though you get the perks, you do not get the 'carrots' that would be required to reach that level. So not only does this mean that you still need to spend as much as a fraction shy of 10 grand (as someone has already noted) if you are like a fair number of people and don't trade nor buy pre-owned. This could also mean that EBgames may decide (either already or at a later date as their stipulations give them aurothity to) that if you decide after those 12 months you don't wish to renew your subscription, they can demote you back down to whatever level your 'carrots' you get you. . .

      It's taken me almost five years to get to Lvl 3 lols

    Who is crazy enough to be buying stuff from EB these days anyways?

    I'm growing carrots in my garden. Can I trade them in for games?

      LOL, casually walks into EB Games holding a bag of carrots. "Can you please put these on my account?"

    Dunno how that bunny graphic ever came to represent their mascot, it looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old. :/

    Ozgameshop ftw.

      I agree. They're even better now they have their own rewards program (as of a month or two ago)!

        Eh not so much. The stipulations on the point is weird as hell (6 months before your points will be claimed) and given the low points vs requirement for rewards you won't get jack for them.

        Plus after buying 2 games from them and waiting upwards of 2 weeks for them to arrive, I'd rather spend the extra money to get my games on release day

          Addition: I f***ed up. It's a 60 day after shipping before the points become "active" and you have to spend upwards of $200 to save $5.

          I think play-asia, even with a slightly higher price point are more rewarding with a $5 off voucher with EVERY purchase are more worth the effort

          It's 60 days before you get the points, not 6 months.

          Fair enough if you don't want to wait, but a 2 week delay doesn't really bother me (often it's more like 1 week) if I'm saving upwards of $40.

          The rewards program isn't the best one ever, but at least you get something for your order - it's better than nothing!

            Sorry, you posted while I was writing!

            Play-asia is great, but if I'm looking for region-locked games I'll go through eBay or ozgameshop depending on price.

              Man, where are you guys. I'm in Sydney, and I've never waited more than five business days (though they did send the wrong game once).

                I'm in regional NSW, about 4 1/2 hours west of Sydney. My experience has been 7 - 14 days. I'm guessing it's alot better if you live in a capital city.

                  Located 10 minutes from Melbourne International Airport and it still takes its 2 weeks to arrive for my products.

            Play Asia charge above RRP prices and then on top of that charge a shipping cost. The $5 voucher is pretty inconsequential./

    There seems to be zero benefit for this reward program if you buy very few games but keep them forever.

    Also the fact that my Pre-order seems to be good for less than 24hrs is appalling. So the boss slugs me with an extra shift and I can't make it so they sell a game I have already paid for? I generally pay off my Pre-orders in advance on the rare occasion I do them.

      They don't want to reward people who buy new and don't trade games back in, as EB only makes a little bit of profit from that (I don't know what the margin is, but it'd be far less than that for selling used games).

      I wasn't aware of the pre-order problem. Is that written in the fine print anywhere? I hadn't heard of it happening before but if it's the case, that's appalling - the whole reason for pre-ordering is to secure a copy.

      I agree with you there. My local store will hold a game for me until I can come in and get it. But now if I don't join their club, they won't be allowed to do that?

      All I can say is, JB Hifi is right near my local EB.

      Same can be said for almost all of those level 4 perks, I get them now, why should I need to do what a rabbit says to continue getting them?

    Sounds like a load of crap, I am happy with the current rewardless system.

    Not a huge deal though, haven't stepped foot in either EB or GAME in the last year. JB trade deals and buying online is much cheaper and more convenient, being selective with games helps too.

      Aargh! My evil twin is posting here!

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