What You'll Pay To Be The Nightwing In Batman: Arkham City

WBIE's confirmed the existence of The Dark Knight's acrobatic partner in Rocksteady's upcoming sequel today . Like Robin and Catwoman, Nightwing will come with moves and gadgets unique to him, as well as "Wayne Manor" and "Main Hall" challenge maps.

The press release announcing Dick Grayson's playability notes that the Nightwing Budle Pack will be available Nov. 1, with the Robin Bundle Pack available to "all owners of the game" on November 22. Both bundles will run 560 Microsoft points on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. So, it seems like the Best Buy pre-order program just lets you play as Robin at launch, eh? I suppose it's good news that we'll all be able to play as these characters eventually and that they won't be tied to platform or retailer exclusivity for months after the game's out.


    "Both bundles will run 560 Microsoft points on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network"

    How do I use MS points on the PSN again?

      Conspiracy! :P

      Also - i think that is a fair price for a new character with unique abilities to play on challenge maps with, along with two new ones.

    Probably $9.99 aud for each withheld dlc bundle pack then (nightwing, robin, joker?).

    I'll wait for goty, i've got better things to spend my money on.

    Remember when you used to be able to unlock things like this by playing the game?

    that picture looks like the guy that got arrested for pepper spraying people. Just blue instead of yellow. Phoenix Jones of Seattle.


    would be nice if they gave at least one of these packs for free to the pc crowd since we have to wait an extra month or so.

    I hate the haircut, but otherwise, NIGHTWING!!!

    Massive Grayson fan here, one of the best developed characters in superhero fiction.

    Why can't they just put it in the game as extra content? I really dislike it when they want to charge DLC before the actual game even releases. I feel like they're just shamelessly milking their game, which from a business sense is fine, but from my perspective it's lame how they could've put more content into their game but instead put it up for sale. It really says something about how they perceive their customers and fans.

      I mean, eventually they'll get it for free, but still... I don't really like it.

        It's stuff like this that makes me really worry for the game I'm getting. It seems like they put a lot of effort into Robin, Catwoman and Nightwing, but it isn't their game. It's Batman's!

    So does that mean theres a chance that the Red Hood will make an appearance? Cause i would die from chronic nerd joy if he did!

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