What's In Store

This is What’s in-store, where we take a regular look at the prices in store, and price match them across the three major specialist retailers in Australia. Who’s the cheapest this week?

NOTE: These are the prices as of today. If you guys have spotted any other deals, be sure to let us know in the comments below and we’ll update accordingly!

Dark Souls GAME: $88 EB: $98 JB Hifi: $94

RAGE GAME: $98 EB: $98 JB Hifi: $99

NBA 2K 2012 GAME: $88 EB: $98 JB Hifi: $89

FIFA 12 GAME: $88 (360/PS3) $78 (PC) EB: $108 (360/PS3) $88 (PC) JB Hifi: $89 (360/PS3) $79 (PC)

Madden NFL GAME: $88 EB: $98 JB Hifi: $89

Dead Island GAME: $98 EB: $108 JB Hifi: $89

Resistance 3 GAME: $88 EB: $98 JB Hifi: $99


    If Space Marine isn't one of the games, why have you used the picture?

      It's the Emperor's will heretic

    I bought my copy of rage on 360 today for $79 - standard edition - adelaide.


    damn it! at JB hifi - my bad

    Prices in order of PC/console (where applicable).

    Dark Souls: $74 (CDWow)
    RAGE: $39 / $57 (OGS) $43 / $68 (CDWow)
    NBA 2k12: $24 / $56 (OGS) N/A / $70 (CDWow)
    FIFA 12: $40 / $65 (OGS) $53 / $82 (CDWow)
    Madden NFL 12: N/A / $53 (OGS) N/A / $74 (CDWow)
    Dead Island: $47 / $59(Out of stock) (OGS) $56 / N/A (CDWow)
    Resistance 3: N/A / $57 (OGS) N/A / $70 (CDWow)

    Now, both of those sites do free shipping.
    I'd like to formally request they be added to the list for future "What's in store" posts.

      Oops. OGS was OzGameShop.

      The point of this post is they actually have a physical 'store' you can walk into. For people who want to buy it today.

        I... have to admit that that didn't actually occur to me.

        I still think it's valuable information for everyone to know though.

    Rage is $64 at Harvey Norman (xbox/ps3 - pc $77)

      ^^ and thats for the Anarchy Edition

    Rage is $64 on consoles at harvey norman, according to their website.

      Weird that it's actually $77 for PC... Not often you see the PC version being more expensive.

      Nonetheless, thanks for that tidbit - I'm gonna pick up my copy after work!

    Dead Island is $49 on Steam, half the price, you have it within a couple hours depending download speed, and no useless packaging to find a place for.

    Fifa 12 cost $69 from DSE last week for me on 360.

    I reckon Kotaku should start listing online retailers also. Such as Dungeon Crawl and Ozgameshop.

    As others here I'd like to see the list of prices including other main game retailers such as Steam, CDwow, OzGameShop and DungeonCrawl. I really don't get why Kotaku should only promote the 3 most expensive options on the market, it makes it look like advertising rather than information...

      Did you miss the above post or do you not read comments? The point 'what's in store' seems to be for people who shop in a physical store for whatever reason.

        Yes I read the comments. But I don't see why "what's in store" should limit itself to physical shops. You can get a game in a matter of hours with steam/green man gaming, so why should it not figure here? Sure, this section can be whatever it wants, but nowadays it's sort of archaic to only look at physical store while a lot of us consider other options all the time...

    got rage anarchy ed at jb $64 plus the comix :)price matched HN's

    They should really include 2nd hand prices as well. I saw inFamous 2 for $69 2nd hand, $49 brand new at a JB in Sydney on the weekend.

    Dick Smith and Big W are almost always cheaper than any of the 3 retailers in he post.

    So the AUD sinks & prices get more expensive, way to go local Brick (sinking like one!) stores

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