Where Do We Want This Aliens: Colonial Marines Gameplay Footage?

Where Do We Want This Aliens: Colonial Marines Gameplay Footage?

We’ve seen this Aliens: Colonial Marines demonstration twice now: Crecente caught it at E3 and I saw it at Gamescom. We both walked away rather impressed. Now you can see how you walk away.

The demo has, rather belatedly, been released publicly by publishers Sega, and contains around eleven minutes of gameplay and combat from the opening sections of the game, all narrated by Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford.

I’ve got no idea how this plays, since we haven’t got our hands on it, but as you’re about to see, at the very least Gearbox have got the look of Aliens nailed down nice and tight.


  • its got the feel of the movie, but the gameplay its self looks lacking imo. I honestly was/am hoping that Aliens:CM was going to be like AvP 2010 only without the predator and no alien campaign.

    i guess what im trying to say is that the aliens themselves feel off (the acid blood decals really stand out to me as being extremely low rez and 2d)

  • Just seems like they are trying to cram in as many references as possible in a short space.

    They could have done so much more. Remember AVP2? That took something like 30 mins before you even saw an alien. All that tension and suspense. It’s like they have ignored the horror element entirely. I feel like this is just a generic shooter with some alien skins and nostalgic references to a movie.

    I hate to be so negative, but anything aliens related should be scary.

    • Keep in mind that Randy Pitchford did say in the video that this is from Act 2. Plenty of time in Act 1 for the horror element to ramp up.

        • I also remember a quote from a while back where Pitchford said that Gearbox were mindful of how different Alien was from Aliens, and that there’d be times where you would be totally being stalked by a single alien as well as more Aliens-style squad combat.

    • Fair enough to point that out, but they did mention it is in act 2 of the game and im assuming its a 3-4 act game. Plus on the gametrailers version he mentions that there’s something worse than the queen you’ll be facing up against. Quite hopeful for this game but waiting another 6-8 months is going to kill me.

      • Hmmm, that actually has me a bit worried. As someone who is a huge fan of the series (even bought comics series from Dark Horse) the Queen is mythical. To name something “worse than the Queen”? What – they’re adding a new layer of “hierarchy” to the Alien brood? An Empress?

        Apart from that – the game looks wonderful. Niggling effects that will get ironed out, but the basic insanity is right there.

  • There’s been a surprising amount of negative reaction to this footage.

    Aliens is my number one all time favourite movie which I’ve watched a couple dozen times, and I personally think that this footage looks amazing! Completely nails the look and atmosphere of the Cameron masterpiece.

    It’s like the best bits of the AVP games (namely the marine campaigns), featuring a story that continues directly after Aliens 3 and returns us to LV-426, AND co-op so I can team up with my buddies and fight Xenomorphs to the end – honestly what’s not to love?!

    Admittedly there are still some things that need work (like the blood) but considering the amount of time Gearbox still has for some spit and polish, count me super impressed.

    Randy, you can consider one copy sold! (or maybe you can give me a copy for free in return for the money I spent on Duke)

  • Now when you say Demo, you mean a tech demo right? A working prototype that’s still in production (I hope) and not you know, A game demo. As in a gamers lexicon ‘demo’ that we’d expect to be playing? If that’s the case why did you repost an article on the same thing? If that’s wrong, where’s the game demo link?

  • ok, heres my problem. Why in the hell are they using the same voices for evey game they make. Duke Nukem had maybe three voices in it. Duke, every marine, every woman. and that same marine voice is in this too. PLease Gearbox, get better voices. Also don’t cut the power… they always cut the power. Have them do something unexpected not some sh*t we’ve seen in every aliens comic, game and movie. And i understand this isnt even remotely complete yet, im just giving notes. I have faith Gearbox. Just make splitscreen co-op freakin awesome and scary (what fear3 should have been, not the bs shooter that wouldnt scare a baby that it became.) cheers

  • I don’t see how this is any different from AVP except that it doesn’t really even look as good and has a third the variety. It appears to play like L4D only in shorter bursts. I think in order to succeed it needs to be a unique experience the stands out from both L4D and AVP. After seeing this I don’t have high hopes. Gearbox seems to be shaping themselves into a very formulaic studio using copied, tried and tested formulas rather than innovation. I will be very surprised if there is anything new in ACM.

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