Where Tokyo Meets Blade Runner

Phew. All this video game stuff, especially Battlefield 3 stuff, is wearing me out. Time to take a few minutes to chill, relax, watch a soothing movie where footage of modern-day Tokyo is played to the accompaniment of the Blade Runner soundtrack.

The footage, shot by Samuel Cockedey, is mostly of the Shinjuku area in central Tokyo. The music? Vangelis' haunting sci-fi score, to which most things set in the future made since 1982 owe a great debt.

Blade Runner-Inspired Tokyo Timelapse of the Day [TDW]


    I watched Blade Runner the first time this week :)
    not bad

    I love Tokyo, my favourite city. I planned on going back this year, but the radiation scare had me cancel my trip and I'm second guessing it all now. Such a shame, Japan is a beautiful place.

      lol. You'd get a bigger dose of radiation on the plane flight over than you would visiting virtually anywhere in Japan, let alone Tokyo... stop letting unfounded fearmonger news stories dictate your life. It's ignorance like this that has crippled the Japanese tourism industry.

        Mr Waffle, when you get to eat your words, you'll be glad it doesnt come with a couple of lifetimes worth of background radiation...pffft...

    I really like the idea of this, but I think the execution could have been better. There are lots of views of Tokyo not here that make it look insane and like no other city. I always love the red light on each corner of Tokyo's tall buildings, its so blade runner :D

    I love this stuff. I sleep to the soundtrack of BR every night. Especially 'Blade Runner Blues'.

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