Which Game Is The Best Match For This Steampunk Xbox 360 Controller?

As a trend, steampunk may be yesterday's fad. And, while this custom controller—created by the folks at MorbidStix — apparently been around for a while, it just popped up into view again. I love the combination of a real-life mechanical act — unlocking the controller with the key-to open up digital worlds. It's a nice metaphor, almost like a Narnia-esque fairytale thing,

Looking at the controller's unlockable beauty make me wonder what would be the best pairing, game-wise, for it. Two games that come to mind are Bastion and the upcoming BioShock Infinite. Supergiant's Xbox Live hit had a bit of a roughhewn, rustic look in its design and Irrational's flying-city saga evokes an early 20th century aesthetic, what with its skyhook and dirigibles. The steampunk controller looks like it'd fit in both worlds, as if it's what the Kid or Booker DeWitt would use while playing an analogous projected entertainment device.

The controller doesn't appear to be available on the MorbidStix site, but I'm sure a uptick in demand would make them pump out some more. And, while not present in mass quantities, it's likely available on request.

MorbidStix Xbox 360 Controller: Steampunk? More Like Keypunk [Technabob]


    Would have thought Elder Scrolls would be a decent fit too.

    Seems like a good fit for Fable, I'm sure the next game is going to be a bit steampunkish.

    yeah i would have thought Fable 3, has a sorta industrial revolution thing about it

    I instantly thought of Fable as well when I saw it.

    Bioshock infinite

    what would really be a good fit is Edge of Twilight but that's never gonna fking come out *cries*

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