While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping - your early morning round up of all the stories that broke 'While You Were Sleeping'.

Well this is a little bit awesome. When interesting additions come to Xbox LIVE, my attitude is usually, 'well, Australia won't get that'. This time it turns out my cynicism is unjustified. Xbox 360 is getting TV — and it is coming to Australia.

Kotaku writer Kirk Hamilton thinks Assassin's Creed ought to be a little bit more difficult — specifically the combat. I'm not so sure. I love Assassin's — but I'd prefer the challenge to be ramped up in the climbing mechanics. What are your thoughts?

One of my friends recently asked me why people get excited about lists of Xbox LIVE achievment being released. According to him it's like getting excited about the condiment list on a restaurant menu. I tend to agree with him. That being said — here's the list of achievements in Skyrim if you're interested!

This is the best PlayStation Ad in recent memory and this is how to unlock Halo's Warthog in Forza 4.

In Short It's Official — Xbox 360 Gets TV (Including Australia) Assassin's Creed Needs To Be More Difficult How To Speak Dragon: Here Are Your Skyrim Achievements The Best PlayStation 3 Ad We've Ever Seen Will Give You Chills How To Unlock Halo's Warthog In Forza 4



    While *you* were sleeping mark, I was pissing my pants at Driver: San Fransisco.


    Arr, Me Hearty!

    While I was sleeping it seems that Xbox Live has gone down again? Anyone else having trouble.

    Just when the internet saddens me as a whole, then comes puppies.

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