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This weekend was a bit of a Battlefield 3 bonanza, with stories dropping, hands-ons with both the single player and multiplayer. I've never been a huge fan of the series — mainly because I like smaller maps, smaller teams, etc. But who cares what I think, right? Here's a barndoor blustering look at Battlefield 3's multiplayer, this is an extensive look at the game's singleplayer — which is "remarkably dull" apparently — and, finally, Battlefield 3 has something special for Xbox 360 owners on the second disc.

You may have missed this short look at Team Bondi's continuing woes, and this is a great look at Skyward Sword.

In Short L.A. Noire Studio Owes 1 Million To Employees Battlefield 3 For Xbox 360 Has Something Special On The Second Disc For All Its Airplanes, Earthquakes And Explosions, Battlefield 3's Campaign Is Remarkably Dull The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Deserves To Be Called An RPG Battlefield 3's PC Multiplayer Is Fun When It Works


    I think I understand where you're coming from with the smaller maps... but so long as the choke points are good it should work out, right?

    Also, jets...

      Yeah, totally. It's just a dumb personal preference.

      I hate shooters with vehicles as well!

      I know... I know...

        Shooters with vehicles?

        But... Halo?
        Or is Halo more about the "grenade, shoot, shoot, melee, reload... repeat"?

          No, that's Call of Duty, but with more shooting and melee.

        I think I'm with you. For a long time there, my FPS multiplayer consisted solely of Halo 2 system link on Wizard with shotguns only.

    After the uninspiring operation metro level, and now all these lacklustre 'hands on' reports I'm starting to get a little worried about BF3.

      Border is pretty fun, mix of vehicle and infantry combat. Feels much like Gulf of Oman in a sense.

        Fingers crossed for the other multiplayer maps. But I'm limited to the one map in the beta as I'm a console and Mac man. Let the flaming commence!

          No one should flame you. Doesn't matter the system, they all have their pros and cons.

            True, but this game seems to have brought out the PC elitism more than any other for a long time. And it secretly makes me want to get a jacked up gaming pc to play it on.

              Don't do it!

              Get a new PC in 12 months and then you can tell everyone who bought one for BF3 that their rig's shit!

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