While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping — eyes shut, drooling all over yourself, hugging your pillow like a puppy dog clinging onto its mother's general thigh area — things happened on The Internets. Video Game Things. So here's a quick round-up of what you missed!

For those who go to sleep really early, the print embargo on Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode was lifted yesterday and Mr. Serrels jumped right on it after work hours (or during sleeping hours, for those who enjoy their slumber really early). PC PowerPlay magazine was one of a few publications around the world to get hands-on time with Mass Effect's multiplayer and the issue, on sale October 19, contains a full interview with Mass Effect 3's project director, Casey Hudson.

In other news, left-handed folk might find the next Zelda game a bit vexing (we need a gaming Leftorium!), Capcom producers talk about separating horror from survival in the Resident Evil series, the developers who coined the term "deathmatch" talk about why it doesn't exist in RAGE, and Hideo Kojima says that he wants the Metal Gear Solid series to continue even after his death.

In short Confirmed: Mass Effect 3 will have multiplayer The next Zelda may vex lefties but only briefly Capcom producers on separating the survival from the horror in Resident Evil Why the deathmatch kings left deathmatch out of RAGE Hideo Kojima wants Metal Gear to keep going after he dies


    I am enjoying this new animal feature on KotakAU.

    Although I notice mummy's eye is open and a little wary there.

      It is not easy being a new parent.

    My little doggie got her 2 morning's of internet fame the last couple of days.
    Made me one happy panda, although i was hoping Mark put up the other one i gave him too.
    More cuter and more sleepier. :)

      I'm going to have to send a photo of Fergus sleeping... shouldn't be too hard, bugger does nothing else.

        My dog is the same. Except when there is a ball, park, food or car involved. None of which can be said-or spelt- without him getting excited.

    general thigh area :)

    Awwww SO cute!! ^_^


    That baby is like the cutest offspring of a guinea pig and that doggy. E:3

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