While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping -- eyes shut, drooling all over yourself, hugging your pillow like a puppy dog clinging onto its mother's general thigh area -- things happened on The Internets. Video Game Things. So here's a quick round-up of what you missed!

Hey girls - how do you feel about playing the most sexist, bizarre game ever made? We've got a piece on Lady Popular, And I recommend reading it. Actually, I'm thinking about picking up a copy...

When I bought my desktop PC I don't know how many years ago now, its primary concern was being able to run Crysis on awesome settings. Now, it's starting to look a bit dated. Maybe it's time for me to upgrade to this bad boy.

This is how Popcap acquired EA (not it's not a typo), Scribblenauts is pretty good on iOS, and Batman in the Mass Effect universe? Kindly hook it to my veins.

In Short Finally A Game For Girls How PopCap Acquired EA Scribblenauts Is Pretty Good On iOS Batman In The Mass Effect Universe? Yes Please Here Come The 8 Core AMD Bulldozer Powered Gaming PCs

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    Those computers are overpriced for how crap they are, mine shits all over it

      I have terrible luck with PCs. I always seem to be able to smoothly run games that are exactly between two to four years old, but anything outside that window runs like shit.

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