While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, face squished into a dog's fluffy, soft body, drooling all over yourself, stuff happen. Video game stuff. Thankfully we've rounded up some of the highlights from last night while you were deep in slumber, so here it is!

Some of you lucky few will already have a copy of Batman: Arkham City, post another of them there pesky street date breaks. But just in case you're picking your copy up today, or even if you have only put a couple of hours in, you might want to read this: tips for playing Arkham City the 'best' way, whatever that means!

Oh, and we have a release date for the PC version...

I dare you to tell me that Secret of Mana doesn't have the greatest video game soundtrack of all time. I dare you. This Secret of Mana rap will make you wistful.

Valve are messing about with a new Portal 2 feature that may just make you squeal with delight and watch Kinect power this touch based interface.

In Short Before You Start: Tips For Playing Batman: Arkham City The Best Way Watch Kinect Power The Future Of Touch Based Interface This Secret Of Mana Rap Will Make You Wistful Valve Tinkering With An Excellent Portal 2 Feature That Talks Back PC Gamers Enter Arkham City November 15


    What...is that? I think it's a dog, but it could just be a bunch of ...skin?

      I know it's a joke but still, that's a Sharpei. Also known as one of the most popular dogs to be dumped when they get older.

    i fought it was fat rolls until i looked closer.

    ahhh that horrible dog is back! lol

    This is still the greatest While You Were Sleeping photo yet.

    It is not a dog it is a giant tumour just removed via surgery to me.

    jesus christ this is illegible i stopped reading. lern2write.

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