While You Were Sleeping

Sometimes sleep can be important. Necessary, even. But what if stuff happens? Video game stuff? That's when we send out a small army of puppy dogs to gather the news that happened while you were sleeping and plonk the highlights right here. Plonk!

Video game environments are getting more and more breath-taking. As artists slave away crafting the most gorgeous in-game environments, it's a real shame that we tend to miss so much of it because we're too focused on meeting in-game objectives, rushing through and forgetting to stop and appreciate the virtual world. Cue Iain Andrews' site, Steam Postcards, where he takes screenshots that are worthy of being postcards. We wouldn't mind having some of those as prints above our mantelpieces! (I don't think any of us actually have a mantelpiece.)

Not everyone could make it to Blizzcon, but Mr. Fahey did, and he did a small video wrap-up (with photos!) right here. If you feel like spending money this week, the general consensus from the US editors is that you should not spend it on Pokemon. Man, it kind of cuts to read that a Pokemon game isn't good, but going by what they have said, this game does sound pretty awful.

Sometimes when I write about this game, I feel as though I don't even need to write anything about it to get people interested, I just need to type out its name over and over again. So here it goes: Skyrim Skyrim Skyrim Skyrim Skyrim Skyrim Skyrim! This is a really cool life-action short that looks awesome. Also, Fifa Horde Mode? What?

In short These aren't game screenshots, they're postcards A more official look at the sights and sounds of Blizzcon Should you buy Pokemon Rumble Blast? This live-action short brings Skyrim to roaring life FIFA street brings horde mode to the pitch


    aww cute puppy, im so glad you took my suggestion and changed it away from the cats, which are overrated.

    I would send a Chow Chow to gather gaming news.



    such a cute puppywuppy


    i think i was just overcome by cuteness

    I demand a sleepy budgie. They are so adorable. I will take pictures of my own and make them available for use.

    How bout a picture of the west end of an eastbound pig! Wait, what...

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