While You Were Sleeping

Sometimes sleep can be important. Necessary, even. But what if stuff happens? Video game stuff? That's when we send out a small army of puppy dogs to gather the news that happened while you were sleeping and plonk the highlights right here. Plonk!

So, Monday. Time to get back to the grind. And by grind I mean spending the first couple of hours trawling the internet before actually doing any work. We're here to help make your trawling a little easier. First thing we think you should read is this: an interesting piece by our recently installed Weekend Editor Logan Booker. Now he's asking the question: should developers speak out on game reviews? He's been writing some great stuff for Kotaku over the weekend, and this is no exception.

Also - news on Battlefield and Modern Warfare continues unabated. These could very well be Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer maps, and this is your chance to meet the cover star of Battlefield 3. FINALLY!

Apparently Nintendo considered bringing flagpoles into Mario 64 at the beginning of development, and this is the first footage of the Phoenix Wright movie. The jury is still out on whether I'll be able to finish this sentence without making some sort of legal pun.

In Short Meet The Cover Star Of Battlefield 3 Flag Pole Considered, Dropped From Super Mario 64 Are These Modern Warfare 3's Multiplayer Maps Here's The First Footage Of The Phoenic Wright Movie All In Japanese Should Developers Speak Our More On Game Reviews


    Shameless pun setup. Shameless.

      Puns are the at the very apex of wit and humour. He deserves free beer.


    There you go Mark, unlimited While you were sleeping pics.


      IT'S SO FLUFFY!!

        If i were a fat guy id eat him whole, because he's cute like a cupcake, yummm.

    I have several photos of my dog sleeping if ever you want that.
    Here's on of him sleeping upside down http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/2923/p1250030w.jpg

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