While You Were Sleeping... GTA V Got Announced!

So yes. If you've just woken up, most likely the only news you absolutely have to get informed about is the fact that Grand Theft Auto V was announced. That dominated headlines overnight, and it'll most likely dominate headlines throughout the day!

The news broke with this story. Rockstar decided to throw a brand new logo for the previously unannounced Grand Theft Auto V, leaving us all to speculate.

But then we didn't have to speculate for too long, with a leak claiming that GTA V would be set in Los Angeles and feature multiple characters. Full report here.

Interestingly enough the date of Grand Theft Auto V's trailer hits on an interesting date, and also — what are the implication for Grand Theft Auto V and the future of video games?

In Short Grand Theft Auto V To Be Revealed Next Week Grand Theft Auto V Will Be Set In Los Angeles, May Star Multiple Characters These Are The Best Cities For The Next Grand Theft Auto The Huge Hardware Implication For Grand Theft Auto V And The Future Of Video Games News Of GTA V Trailer Hits On Unhappy Anniversary For GTA Foe


    Damn would have loved to see Vice City reimagined... Vice city was always my fave GTA clocked about 400 hours on it, ahhhh the memories.

    Woo! Picked a good time to get the GTA collection!

      I really wrestled with that decision and decided not to get it. Not sure I did the right thing.

        Same, but I didn't like 4 and I had already played the hell out of the others, so it seemed like throwing money down a hole to me. If you hadn't played San Andreas before, it was probably well worth it.

    No puppy, no deal.

      In fact, if GTAV does not have a sleepy puppy in it I'm not buying it.

        Im sure with the immense violence in it you could put a puppy to sleep.

    But... But... Vice City?

      There is a Vice City remake being made in the GTA4 engine. Look it up. XD

      TBH, I think I will be playing Saints Row The Third more than this.


    During the end credits of Gay Tony you see Packie getting on a plane.

    Goddamnit, I want to play as Packie in Ireland!

    When they say it will feature multiple characters, they don't mean you'll be playing as multiple characters do they? that would suck :(

      Well to me it seems like it does imply that yes. Saying "ohey guys our game has more than one people in it" seems rather redundant.

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