Who Wants To Be A Facebook Serial Killer?

Barely skipping a beat after releasing a Facebook game that lets players grow and sell marijuana a la the popular TV show Weeds, Ecko|Code returns with a social game about stalking and murdering people. Don’t worry, they’re bad people.

Dexter: Slice of Life is a pleasant place for fans of the Showtime serial killer and his Dark Passenger to gather together and hunt each other down like methodical, intelligent dogs. As Dexter they’ll investigate potential victims, gather evidence, infiltrate their lives, and then bring them to the killing room to shuffle them off this mortal coil.

Switching to their own personal Dark Passenger avatar will allow them to stalk and kill their friends. How sweet!

“Dexter Slice of Life shows how social play online is evolving — this is a deep transmedia experience that both gamers and fans of the show will love,” said Marc Fernandez, EVP of Development at Ecko|Code. “People can play anytime as Dexter or their own custom made ‘Dark Passenger’. Dexter is a brilliant, complex show that asks as many questions as it answers, and this game is an extension of that.”

Tied closely to the television series, Ecko|Code will debut new stories in the Facebook game the day after the airing of each new episode in the show’s sixth season. Anything that keeps Dexter fans off the streets at night is OK by me.

Dexter: Slice of Life [Facebook]

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