Who Wants To Play Battlefield Tomorrow?

This is an interesting one, we've just been emailed this link - a pretty detailed explanation on how to play Battlefield 3 on PC early via some smart VPN usage.

Battlefield 3 launches in the US on October 25, and there were previously a lot of folks using VPNs to convince Origin that they were connecting from the US, allowing folks to download their 'Unlock BF3.exe' file, allowing them to play on the 26th in Australia. Now, another method, allowing folks to connect to a VPN in Korea, is making it possible for people to unlock their copies of Battlefield 3 tomorrow.

A quick caveat, while this process is not illegal in any way, it could possibly be in breach of Origin's Terms and Conditions, and EA may be within their rights to ban accounts using this technique. Apparently folks have received temp bans for trying the same trick through Steam. Moderators on the official Battlefield forums are currently locking and deleting any thread that links to this VPN solution.

Personally, we're waiting until the official release — don't say we didn't warn you!


    *looks at calendar* The 24th is today...

    EA will take away your games just for not playing them often enough. Wouldn't be surprised if they would do total account bans if you got busted doing this.

      What? Source?

        See the origin terms of service agreement.

        It's in their terms that you agree to when using their online clients.

    generic shooter of 2011 #xxx? meh

      Uhh no, get informed mate.

      Call of Duty is a generic shooter..

      Battlefield 3 on the other hand, people have waited years for it and it's shaping up to be one of the best first person shooters of all time.

        my point is this is how i view all shooters. I think they are a fad that's killing the actual integrity and imagination of gaming

          Than why are you reading and commenting in an article about a shooter.

            Says the guy who specifically goes to Modern Warfare 3 articles to say "yawn" every time...




              lol you got me, but funnily enough you who has no interest in shooters has been there to, and pays enough attention to remember someones name and comments.

              Where as I go there to see if MW3 has finally done something interesting or new, and it never does, hence the yawn.

                I'm actually interested in both!

                Thanks for the elaboration :)

                  Sorry had you mixed up with xWisp

            Yes mate of course they are...a fad that has lasted for how many years now? And how exactly does one genre of games kill the integrity of others? Seems to me that there is plenty of room for all types of games, just not in the fps genre anymore because bf3 has made every other shooter redundant and I for one am very happy about that.

        "it’s shaping up to be one of the best first person shooters of all time"

        Nice one.

        http://www.cracked.com/blog/the-6-most-ominous-trends-in-video-games/ read this.

          That article is completely wrong on several different points.

          Dude, that's Cracked.com.

          That's a joke site.

      I agree with wisp, it seems to be shoot or ship out with todays games. BF3 I just dont get. Its the same thing wrapped in a shiny new coat of paint. And everyone fell for it, thinking its gonna change fps games. No it wont. Its gonna play just like Battlefield, but look quite pretty. Really goes to show how shallow todays gamers are if you ask me.
      Enjoy your generic trash guys!

    Just somebody break street date already!

      Eh pc street date will not matter. Have to be logged in online to even play single player.
      Console, no idea

    Im using a different service that seems to make changes at a DNS level to trick services such as Hulu and other US streaming services... Wonder if this would work. Im not getting BF3 on PC (360 for me) so is there any way I can check this out. This service has a 7 day free trial so if this works, it may be another alternative???

    Can I test this or does someone who has the game have to test this?

    Why was it pushed back from the 24th to the 27th??

      To fuck with you, you dirty Australian.

        @ McGarnical
        Ha ha, nice one!
        We really are filthy aren't we?!

      Games are only allowed to be released on Thursdays for some utterly asinine reason.

        Government payday.
        Same day the pensions and Centrelink cheques come out.

        Also why movies release on a Thursday.

          Also the same day those working for defence get paid. You might be onto something.

      oi thats my name

    I was going to do this until it was advertised on this site lol.

    Yes EA, ban us for trying to not get screwed over.

    Kotaku is a world renowned gaming blog and only just NOW discovered VPN's for playing games a little early?

      Or they're posting it for those who haven't found out about VPNs.

    I have used VPNs to unlock steam games before and have never been banded or even sent an email about it. There is always the chance of it happening though, it only takes one overworked/tired/angry valve employee to ruin it for you.

    Seems redundant as the servers will be mostly empty, if they are even up at all.

    Damn different release dates! We all have to use it on Origin anyway! The internet has no oceans!

    Please release already! So that ppl can get over & turn their attention to the next COD killer. And thanks to all for supporting generic tripe with such enthusiasim!

    None of the local servers will be up anyway, so even if you do start playing early, you'll only see US servers and the lag will make it unplayable.

    I use VPNs all the time with when it comes to unlocking games on steam. seriously why the fuck should we have to wait when we have already paid for the product and its been released in one part of the world.

    You can not say its so retailers have a chance because thats bullshit. most big named games will always arrive at the local chain 1 week before the release date.

    Never played a Battlefield game in my life, i don't think i'll be starting anytime soon. I've followed all their progress and don't think they are revolutionary.

    Nothing CoD or Medal of Honour haven't done. Sure BF3 looks pretty but pretty isn't everything.

    Wait, it's on steam? ("Apparently folks have received temp bans for trying the same trick through Steam").

      As in, people using the same VPN workaround for other games (not BF3) on steam have gotten banned

    So does anyone actually know if it has System link for Xbox yet?

    I would have thought someone would know either way by now...

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