Who Wants To Play Battlefield Tomorrow?

Who Wants To Play Battlefield Tomorrow?

This is an interesting one, we’ve just been emailed this link – a pretty detailed explanation on how to play Battlefield 3 on PC early via some smart VPN usage.

Battlefield 3 launches in the US on October 25, and there were previously a lot of folks using VPNs to convince Origin that they were connecting from the US, allowing folks to download their ‘Unlock BF3.exe’ file, allowing them to play on the 26th in Australia. Now, another method, allowing folks to connect to a VPN in Korea, is making it possible for people to unlock their copies of Battlefield 3 tomorrow.

A quick caveat, while this process is not illegal in any way, it could possibly be in breach of Origin’s Terms and Conditions, and EA may be within their rights to ban accounts using this technique. Apparently folks have received temp bans for trying the same trick through Steam. Moderators on the official Battlefield forums are currently locking and deleting any thread that links to this VPN solution.

Personally, we’re waiting until the official release — don’t say we didn’t warn you!


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