Why Battlefield 3’s PC Version Is More Than Just A Game

Why Battlefield 3’s PC Version Is More Than Just A Game

We know that console games help sell consoles, but it’s easy to forget that PC games can sometimes do the same. And when it happens on PC, it happens on an enormous scale.

That’s because when a big PC game comes along that’s considered a generational leap, PC owners can, en masse, feel the need to go out and buy new hardware for their rigs. And Battlefield 3 is, for many, that game.

Jon Peddie Research’s Ted Pollak has told IGN “Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 will help sales of Xbox 360s and PS3s.”

“More importantly, and rarely covered by the press, Battlefield 3 is driving upwards of a billion dollars in PC builds and upgrades this year alone. No other title since Crytek’s Crysis had such an anticipatory impact on PC hardware sales.”

While I think Skyrim is contributing its fair share to this guesstimate, he does have a point. There’s an excitement in the air for Battlefield 3 from PC gamers that hasn’t been seen for years, an almost unanimous feeling that, yes, a game is coming unlike any other we have seen before, and we need new gear for our PCs to get the most out of it.

Add up hundreds of thousands of PC gamers across the world spending anywhere between $US150-$1000 on everything from new graphics cards to an all-new system and, yeah, you can see where the “billion dollar” estimate comes from.

Let’s just hope after all that money spent on making it look good, what we’re actually playing is worth all that cash!

Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3 Sales Predictions [IGN]


  • My next PC upgrade build will be based on the reccomended system of Skyrim.

    My last one was for Elder Scrolls.

      • well if you do use controller on pc k&m players have a bigger advantage so you might as well play console.

    • y u no put effort into your trolling?

      “a game is coming unlike any other we have seen before” — I played the beta and it felt just like Bad Company 2 on a larger scale with nice graphics. It’s definitely not something unlike any other we have seen before. Games like Demon’s Souls deserve that praise, not freaking Battlefield.

        • You come here and post a comment that has NOTHING to do with the article to start a debate. That’s a troll.

          No where in the article does it talk about controllers vs KB/M.

          Also you stated your opinion as fact, rather than an opinion.

          “I’m going to play BF3 on my PS3/360 because I prefer playing with a controller over a KB/M” would have been a more appropriate comment. Just saying.

          • “I’m going to play BF3 on my PS3/360 because I prefer playing with a controller over a KB/M”

            I’m sorry you misunderstood the original intent of my comment, but your above sentence summarises perfectly.

          • Then how about you preface that with a “personally” before people (rightly) assume you’re trolling and posting garbage that’s completely baseless?

          • gotta love this internet pseudo-cognition eh? who cares how he wrote it his point was quite clear. ease up buddy this is the internet.

      • In agreement with the sentiment but still happy to buy the game. I didn’t get MW1 as I didn’t think much of it, but got MW2 to play with friends. It did have some fun to the frantic fast paced gameplay, reminding me a little of earlier games like UT or Quake, but without a lot of the charm and style (realism is not charm to me).

        I never played Bad Company 2 but heard good things, Battlefield 3 will be my first Battlefield game since 1942 and it looks like great fun. It is not a ‘fresh’ new game nor is it ground breaking, but it looks to be a solid shooter and will hopefully become the standard that other shooters will hold themselves up to much like Halo and COD have been before.

          • NOT GROUNDBREAKING? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? The game has breaking ground, I shit you not, that is both groundbreaking in terms of technology AND literally. The destruction possible with destruction 3.0 is far ahead of anything we’ve seen in games so far….except maybe Red Faction: Guerilla…but everything felt like it was made of foam…..

        • No wonder shooters these days are bad if they hold themselves to titles like COD and Halo instead of games like Counter Strike and Day of Defeat which have lasted through the ages even with “not so up to date” graphics and engines. If FPS’ were made more like CSS with its modding options and longevity then i would be a happy gamer

      • you mean Controller > Keyboard for Fighter’s only.

        Controller’s have their place but the negative effects they have had on gaming such as the 2 weapon system(which only exist’s because there’s no easy way to scroll through a half dozen weapons quickly with controllers) should be seen as a disappointment.

        It’s funny though when i was a kid you had PC games that used High precision joysticks(beyond anything a modern console controller had) But nowadays controllers are seen as a detriment no matter what shape or form they come in.

        I still have an 18 button joystick that i used to use for flight sim’s. Probably still provides better control than a standard console controller

        • Really? Because when I play something like Zelda, I don’t want to play with Keyboard/Mouse. I want to flop down on my couch, lean back and relax. This goes for pretty much the entire adventure, twin stick shooter (obviously), 3rd person shooter and RPGs (those with simpler inventories, once it gets past a certain point in complexity, I’d go PC).

          PCs I only regularly use for RTS, FPS and the occasional hardcore RPG. Sounds about right to me.

    • I know its a preference but you put that out there as fact, and not opinion (no IMO)

      Think of it in terms of accuracy, Which is more accurate at pointing at parts of the screen. Now if an Analogue stick was more accurate then a mouse at pointing at parts of the screen then a mouse (on a PC that is), then why are we still using a mouse? Think about it. It would be easier and cheaper (and save space) just to add a thumbstick to a keyboard then have a seperate mouse. Also think about photo editing, a task that requires pinpoint accuracy. Which would you use? Thumbstick or a mouse. Now thats a no brainer (and if you answered Thumbstick then maybe you are a no brainer lol). Ok if we use these examples to conclude that Mouse control is more accurate then its safe to conclude that games that require accuracy aka FPS and RTS, Mouse and keyboard is the superior control method. Its not superior for all games though. But since we are refering to a FPS in the article, then though you may prefer Analogue control, its safe to say that M&K is superior to Analogue Control for FPS. So in terms of accuracy M&K>Controller.

    • Controller=Aim Assist

      Lounging on the sofa = not very accurate and poor reaction times in FPS compared to sitting at a desk. Not to mention bad for your posture.

      • I remember seeing somewhere military UAV operators using wired xbox controllers for controls.
        surprising they aren’t using flight yokes so there must be something to it…

  • Spent a crazy amount earlier this year because it was time and I wanted Skyrim looking as good as it can be. After mucking around in the beta for BF3 I’ve put an order in mainly for the spectacle. Good times.

  • I was so hyped for this game until the PC beta. Origin is a very odd system to use. Can’t we just get along with steam?

    I hope they have enough time to fix all the bugs. Prone wars wasn’t very fun. The vehicles feel nice, though.

    BF2 was buggy as hell on release. Let’s hope it’s much better for BF3.

  • Can definitely agree with this sentiment. About to drop $1500 on upgraded gear to bring it up to speed for Battlefield 3 and the next 4 years worth of PC gaming.

  • Built my new rig for this

    Dual OCZ vertex III 60gb SSDs
    2TB Western Digital HDD
    Asus P8Z68-V Motherboard
    Intel 2500k 3.3Ghz i5 CPU
    Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler
    Sapphire Radeon 2gb 6950 GFX Card
    8GB G. Skill 1600Mhz Ripjaw “Sandy Bridge” RAM (upgrading to 16 soon)
    Antec TruePower 750watt PSU
    SilverStone Fortress Ft02 Case
    LG 23inch LED monitor (getting a second one soon)

    • 16gb of RAM is overkill.

      2 Vertex III 60gb SSDs…could have bought a bigger Vertex II or two and ran those in Raid.

      Lots of money that could have been funneled into a second 6950 for CFx and/or a 120Hz monitor.

  • I’m guessing it will come out buggy as shit on PC and then they will blame the video drivers and go meh don’t care tough shit PC users.

  • Battlefield: Run for 5 minutes without seeing another living soul … then an airplane flies over and kills you …

    Holding out for Quake 5: Arena …

    • I always wonder what the guys at the bottom of the scoreboard with 1 kill and 7 deaths think during a game.

      It’s good to play games with a different pace to them, some people just struggle to adapt.

  • Computer is a bit over 2 years old but runs bf3 fine in the highest settings. cost $2500 to build initially, spent a bit extra to future proof it and it worked, every one of my components are compatible with all the new hardware that has come out, can upgrade cpu, motherboard, ram and video card without fear that i’d need to get a whole new system, only upgrades since I bought it have been extra hdd’s for more storage.

    This has to be one of the huge positives of games being made for consoles, you don’t need to spend a bucketload to get a sweet gaming pc anymore.

  • So many trolls.

    Things I’m thinking of upgrading are:
    Sound card
    2nd GTX570 once the owner of my current 2nd GTX570 comes back from overseas.

  • Things Im thinking about upgrading

    My PSU Corsair HX 850, which is making a slightly off putting sound. It has nearly driven me to the point of insanity.

  • A short article that should have had many more references and was just a waste of my time.


  • Haha, so true. I just went out and got myself a new GTX580 in anticipation of the BF3 release because the beta was demolishing my GTX285.

  • I bought a Gigabyte GTX 580 Super overlock so I could play Crysis 2 with all of the DX11 patches applied and the settings on maximum. The other reason I got it was so I can play BF3 on maximum settings.

  • Yep I bought more RAM and a GTX580 for this game (and Skyrim) since my old hardware was struggling. Turns out my motherboard didn’t support DDR3 RAM and my case wasn’t big enough to house the 580…so I just bought a whole new system.

  • Not sure how much the beta was reflective of the overall video requirements for the final release, however I was running it on my system with Crossfire’d HD 5770’s, maxed EVERYTHING at 1920×1080 and didn’t have a single issue, no framerate loss, nothing.

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