Why Is Disney Trademarking Mickey Mouse’s Castle Of Illusion?

Why Is Disney Trademarking Mickey Mouse’s Castle Of Illusion?

Early Sega Genesis adopters remember Sega’s Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse as one of the system’s initial highlights, a platformer bursting with charm and gorgeous level design. So Disney trademarking Castle of Illusion more than 20 years later is certainly cause of cautious excitement.

Siliconera spotted Disney’s a new trademark for Castle of Illusion filed late last month with the US Patent and Trademark Office, an update that doesn’t tell us much other than that the Mouse House is interested in protecting that name for some reason.

Sega’s old trademark was abandoned many moons ago, for the record.

So why is Disney finally giving Castle of Illusion some attention? The company is rumored to be busy working on Epic Mickey 2 for multiple platforms, so a competing Mickey Mouse game seems somewhat unlikely.

A Virtual Console or downloadable release via some other digital platform could be a possibility, as could the existence of Castle of Illusion as a strong pre-order incentive for the aforementioned Epic Mickey sequel.

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  • They might be considering a parallel release with the new epic mickey or even inserting it as part of the game, necessitating a renewal of trademark.

        • Indeed. Whilst I had Castle Of Illusion (on the Master System, and it was good), World Of Illusion is still a great game. The co-op in it was good (and having to pull your team-mate up cliffs or get whoever was controlling Donald unstuck from nooks and crannies).

          If I ever get a PSP World Of Illusion (which I own) would be emulated pretty much instantly on the thing.

  • i remember hating this game as a kid. Mainly because i was so retarded and wasnt able to get past the second leaf level lol. but recently dusted of the old mega drive LOVED IT!x10

  • Had both Castle of illusion and world of illision on my solid-as-a-brick series 2 master system. Both original carts/system still work 😀

    Didn’t know they were on the mega drive though.

  • I still have a journal from 2nd grade where I wrote a very detailed description of this game after having rented it over a weekend.

    There are at least two ‘screencap’ type drawings to accompany the entry complete with annotation that identifies the relavent aspects of each ‘screen’… all the way down to enemy movement patterns 😛

    When I rediscovered this journal from 2nd grade a few years back I felt an overwhelming rush of both pride and shame 😛

    • There was also a sizeable entry about Mickey Mania… that game kicked ass. Steamboat Willie was the man.

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