Why Not Play Dark Souls In A Coffin

You end up spending a lot of your time in Dark Souls dying. Being stabbed, burned, crushed, bludgeoned, whatever. So this custom rig for the game, built out of a coffin, seems wonderfully apt.

The coffin was built for a competition run by publishers Namco Bandai in Australia, and features a big LCD TV, surround sound system and space for either an Xbox 360 or PS3. It's also padded throughout, meaning you can recline and play inside the coffin, just as the game intended.

Morbid, perhaps, but if you're the type to enjoy the game you'll be the type to appreciate the humour.


    Pshh, should've been a shallow grave in dirt with the speakers and screen. Ain't no fancy coffins or burial procedures in the world of Dark Souls :P

      Tomb of Giants, you have to lie in a lovely coffin for a good 30 seconds to join the gravelord covenant :D


        SPOILERES MAN WTF ?!?!?

        SPOILERS MAN WTF ?!?!?

        SPOILERS MAN WTF ?!?!?

        SPOILERS MAN WTF ?!?!?

      I just need some empty air, considering how many times I've rolled off a cliff or bridge.


    1. WANT

    2. Wouldn't the sub be bad for the console being so close?

      If the sub's port is aimed at the console it could be considered extra cooling :P

    They had a competition for this on ign.com.au witch finished yesterday.

    I entered fingers crossed for the win. :)

    Isn't this how its played anyways

    I find it funny this was built in Australia for a competition for us Aussies, Question though, were we informed about said Competition before?

    Did Mark or Tracey write an article on it already?

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