Will There Be An Xbox 720? Hollywood Thinks So.

Real Steel, that new Hugh Jackman flick with fighting robots, is set in a near future, dominated by battling bots. More preciously, the movie is set in 2020.

In one arena scene, corporate logos like Mercedes-Benz, Capital One, and, ahem, Del Taco light up a stadium. There is also a Bing logo and an Xbox 720 logo.

Microsoft's Bing logo appears elsewhere in the film.

The Xbox 720 hasn't been announced officially, and smart money says Microsoft will give it a different name entirely.

Yet, hypothetically, here it is on the silverscreen. Make sense as Microsoft is bound to have a new console out well before then.

It's 2011, so if Microsoft did launch a new Xbox in either 2013 or 2014, that would probably be the end of its lifespan by 2020.

Watch Real Steel's trailer here.

Thanks, William for the tip!


    Cool story, bro.

    Because company logos and brands never change over the course of a decade right? Whatever grad student did that bit of lame ass CGI should get a spanking.

    Unless he's a masochist. In which case spanking should be with held indefinitely.

      It's not meant to be a realistic representation of what the branding could become. It's supposed to be a recognisable representation of what the brand is now. They are selling today's products, not tomorrows.

        I know it's product placement, but they could have worked a little harder to make it fit the universe of the movie rather than make it so blatant on the assumption viewers are too stupid to recognise a reinterpreted coke of Xbox logo.

        Plenty of other scifi films have done blatant product, admittedly soul less product placement in a futuristic setting while working a little harder to integrate the product into the world it's supposed to occupy. Back to the Future 2 springs to mind.

        Having a series of logos as they look today in a film a decade in the future just looks crap.

          You realise using Coke as an example completely invalidates your entire argument, right? Their logo has remained essentially unchanged since the late 1800s.

            Not my ENTIRE arguement.

            It's still crap product placement.

      Microsoft would have paid a decent wad of cash to have it in there, and given the speculation about an Xbox 720 it's a logical choice to use as it covers off easy recognition of the existing brand with a futuristic aspect providing contextual balance.

    article worthy? Who gives a crap about Hollywood but really who cares about the opinion of the visual effects guy who would of put that in. Honesty i believe that the by 2020 there wont be a console, and MS will most likely be pushing there gaming service since majority of gaming would be done on browsers since there is very low entry requirements and basically everything with a screen and low level cpu and a internet connection can run it is my valid reason to consoles becoming no existent. Its a better reason then the fact that there will be an xbox720 in 2020 because its in some movie.

    Just another shitty story by B. Ashcraft. Someone fire that guy.

    "More preciously, the movie is set in 2020."

    FFS, I'm sorry, but this has become an absolute embarrassment, how many more pathetic mistakes can Kotaku US be allowed to get away with. They don't even "make (sic) sense" anymore.

    Scream grammar nazi all you want, but honestly, wankers.

    Yeeeeaaaaaaahhh, Spongebob!

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