Will Wright's Business Cards Are Money

I've seen some cool business cards in my time—I remember that at my first GDC, I practically had a Patrick Bateman-style existential crisis over how inferior my own cards were at the time.

But Sim City and Spore creator Will Wright's got us all beat—he puts his personal information on actual printed money. Sure, it's Yougoslavian money that has no longer has any actual value, but if anything, that makes it cooler. The image of the "card" itself was shared by The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal, who got the card while interviewing Wright.

Will Wright's Awesome Business Cards: Just his Information Stamped on Old Currency [The Atlantic]


    Aaah, Dinars...good times. Buying milk at the supermarket with Nikola Tesla money.

    Then shit went south and we had 1 Billion Dinar bank notes.

    Those were bad times...

    Pretty cool idea for a business card.

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