Wisconsin Steals Video Game Cosplay World Record

Wisconsin Steals Video Game Cosplay World Record

Oh you Londoners thought you were so hot, with your 376 video game cosplayers in one place. Well you just got served by Wisconsin, as the Guinness Book of World Records recognises an even larger gathering in the state known for its cheese.

The folks at Wisconsin costume company Buyseasons managed to gather together 425 video game cosplayers in one place yesterday afternoon, shattering the previous record set as some London video game convention back in 2009. A horde of Marios, Pac-Men and Angry Birds flocked to the special event, eager for a chance to prove there’s something interesting to do in Wisconsin. For one brief, shining moment, there was.

Go ahead, scrutinise the photo. You won’t find one guy just wearing a Mario hat and jeans (the Naruto headband of video game cosplay). This is the real deal. This just happened. Aw yeah.

So take that, England. First the revolution, and now this. That’s what you get for being so freaking colonial. Comeuppance.

Wis. costume company breaks world record [The Washington Examiner]


  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonial

    “of or pertaining to a colony.”

    ” the period of American history from the 17th century to 1776, under the rule of Great Britain, France and Spain.”

    Neither of these describes England. Infact you may notice that the word “colonial” has a very US-specific meaning/usage to describe the time when America was home to colonies for a number of Old World powers.

    In short, England can’t be colonial.

    • The relevant line in those links being:
      (US) of or relating to the original Thirteen Colonies of the USA. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirteen_Colonies)

      Where the Thirteen Colonies are:
      The Thirteen Colonies were English and later British colonies established on the Atlantic coast of North America between 1607 and 1733.

      These were also known as New England before America so techically yes, England was Colonial by extension, however, it is still probably more correct to say “That’s what you get for being so freaking colonialist.”

      On topic, that’s a pretty impressive feat considering that conventions are usually packed full of cosplayers and obviously don’t get anywhere near that.

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