World Of Warcraft's Next Big Expansion Is Mists Of Pandaria, Pandaren Playable Race

The next World of Warcraft expansion is called Mists of Pandaria, an expansion pack that includes a new race, level cap, class and talents.

The expansion pack, which was unveiled at Blizzcon 2011, but which wasn't yet dated, will include the new panda-like Pandarens. The expansion takes place on the continent of Pandaria and comes with a new level cap of 90. The expansion also brings with it a new pet battle system, new talent system, Blizzard's Chris Metzen announced today.

Metzen says that both factions can play as the pandas. It's the first time Blizzard has ever tried this.


    The Pet Battle System will own Pokemon. Finally a pokemon like game on a next gen system :D. woooo finally and no more handheld shit! :D

    "The Pet Battle System will own Pokemon. Finally a pokemon like game on a next gen system :D. woooo finally and no more handheld shit! :D"

    the article actualy made me think of trying WoW (for a brief moment)for this reason alone

      Well thats what i mean i have been wanting a next gen pokemon game since nintendo 64 era...

        Buy a gamecube.

    So this expansion won't be released in china then?

      Why do people always say that? China loves Pandas, but they are not sacred or tabu or any rubbish like that. The "Kung Fu Panda" movies have been great hits over there.

    Well, they have found my weakness: Pandas.
    Looks like I will have to get into it.

    I think at this point they are just trying to target any type of demographic they havnt roped in at some point yet.

      This. And if you pre-order a 12 month sub you get diablo 3 for free! Sounds like wow sub's are doing great, not.

    lol at people thinking the pet battle system will be anything more than an in game gimmick. lol again at people comparing it to pokemon. lol at me for realizing im talking to 12 year olds.

      You're right. I'll be very impressed if this Pet Battle System is anywhere near as deep as Pokemon.

      By the way you speak I would be hard pressed to think you aren't a 12 year old.

      I couldn't help but think Pokemon when it was first mentioned, but why would anyone want it to be in-depth as Pokemon anyway?

    people still play WOW? wow... i'm impressed. However I AM curious as to how they came to the decision to have Pandas... really :P

      Yeah, I had to check to make sure it wasn't April when I saw this... panda-people... called Pandarens... living in Panderia?

        Pandaren have been around since The Frozen Throne =P But yes actually, they did start as an April Fool's Joke, many years ago.

    well thats just locked in my cancellation of my sub

    there were snatchs of music in there which seemed like they were directly lifted from Kung Fu Panda. That and the fact that this trailer doesnt mention ANYTHING about a new big bad makes me think this is
    a- a REALLY elaborate joke or
    b- Blizz have totally lost it.

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