Xbox 360 Controller With Cheat-Friendly Screen Built In

Datel, the UK-based video game peripheral manufacturer that loves to piss off Microsoft, takes controller cheating to the next level with the latest iteration of its TurboFire 360 controller, complete with built-in "Combat Command LCD interface".

Microsoft and Datel don't get along very well, mainly due to the fact that the UK is in the habit of crafting unauthorised third-party controllers that sync directly to the Xbox 360, something licensed third-party accessory makers rarely get to do. Between the low cost of not having to deal with Microsoft and the programmable features offered up in previous versions of the TurboFire (Wildfire in the UK) controller, Datel is making a pretty penny on these babies.

And they'll likely make much more, now that the TurboFire EVO is available.

Rather than worrying about tossing additional buttons on the controller face or relying on a PC interface to activate special features like auto-fire, sniper mode and pre-programmed combo moves, the EVO here has a convenient screen built right into the unit. Players can map their own button layouts, rapidly select control modifiers on the fly, or even connect to a PC via USB cable to download the latest custom game profiles.

While I see no reason to own one of these myself, it does bring back fond memories of the days of the Dreamcast, when we were certain tiny video screens in our controllers were the way of the future.

The TurboFire EVO is available now at the CodeJunkies store for $US54.99.


    I want one, wont use the features but would like to support a company that has the balls to just make and sell these.

    Perfect for use with games that aren't even out yet. cool story.

    Cheating and cheaters rub me the wrong way. also looks to be of questionable build quality.

    The button remapping is pretty cool, considering how often game makers decide to spit in the face of convention and put their controls in convoluted spaces (especially if the game was made with the PS controller in mind so the triggers and bumpers are absurdly mapped)...

    Wait...are they even allowed to sell a wireless controller, seeing that microsoft disallows the addition of wireless technology to 3rd party controllers?

      ^this, I wouldn't mind the controller for the re-mapping alone but I don't want them to somehow detect the use of an unofficial wireless control and ban me (sounds paranoid but not out of the question)

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