Xbox Employees Hard At Work On The Next Generation

Doesn't matter if Microsoft hasn't made it official. The company is working on something that will succeed the Xbox 360. Employees at tech giants like Microsoft are always working on designing the future.

Whether their work sees the light of day is another matter entirely, but several LinkedIn profiles, discovered by Twitter user @supererogatory, show that Microsoft workers are doing new (and exciting?) things.

Here's the rundown: Microsoft's Jeff Faulkner is the "Xbox Next Gen Creative Director"; Senior Creative Director for Xbox Jonathan Harris is "designing the next generation of entertainment"; graphic designer Patrick Corrigan worked on "groundwork and integration for branding elements for next-gen XBOX on all forms of media... ranging from print to UI across future releases of the XBOX platform"; Microsoft intern Joe Langevin "designed and simulated high speed data buses to prevent electromagnetic interference in next-gen devices."

So Microsoft employees are working on next-gen. Surprised? I'm not.

Regardless, Kotaku is following up with Microsoft.

@supererogatory [Twitter via Gematsu via WinRumors]

Top photo: Itsuo Inouye/AP


    I was under the impression they already said this. Not sure if I can find the article but I remember a spokesman from MS coming out and saying they are working on the next generation of console, but it's only early days and to not expect it for at least another 4-5 years...

      Apologies, that may have been Sony...

      "For the home console, the PS3 still has a product life, but this is a platform business, so for the future platform - when we will introduce the product I cannot discuss - but development work is underway, so the costs are incurred there." - Masaru Kato, Sony Executive Vice President and CFO, May 2011

    I'd say another 2 years til we get the next xbox. Probably announced next year, most likely.

      If thats the case I expect they'd probably time it to try and overshadow the Wii-U launch.

    Good thing they updated their cv's... they're going to need them.

    Also, I look forward to a new generation console. I'd love to see how they plan to respond to the Wii-U, not that I expect it to be much competition.

    It's gonna be xbox 720. Already revealed in the movie Real Steel =D

      I kind of hope it is called the 720... but I don't know why.

        Same here, but they'll probably rename it anyway. Personally I preferred Project Natal to Kinect.

      Unsure if trolling or just stupid.

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