Yeah, You'll Really Need A Memory Card For The Vita

According to the latest issue of Famitsu, it's not even possible to even start games that require memory cards. Famitsu called memory cards indispensable. [■■速報@保管庫(Alt)■■]


    What was wrong with memory sticks?At least sandisk and the like made generic ones and psp users could use there old one's and why no cloud save over psn?.getting a vita is getting expensive, a game and memory card will cost over $100 plus the price of the console.

      The vita doesn't use the same memory sticks as the PSP.

    As much as I love the vita I can't deny Sony is being very slack by not at least providing a stop gap memory stick... say only 128mb or something with the unit just so people can save their games at least.

    I'll be picking up the 32GB myself naturally but there is no hope for me I'm afraid :p

    !!!It’s not even possible to even start games!!!

    At least with the original psp they provided a 32mb stick for your saves. These new memort cards better not be as expensive as the sony branded ones back then...

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