Your Finger Is A Gun In This Blackwater Trailer

Your Finger Is A Gun In This Blackwater Trailer

Blackwater, a competent Kinect title with unsavory mercenary connections, is an on-rails shooter that also supports traditional gamepad controls.

As previously mentioned, Blackwater, renamed to Xe Services LLC, was contracted by the US government to provide training and diplomatic security, most notably in the Middle East, for much of the last decade. Its presence alongside US diplomatic and military personnel came under scrutiny after several incidents resulting in the deaths either of civilians or Blackwater employees themselves.

From what Kotaku‘s seen of the game, players won’t be asked to kill innocent civilians — it’s the Blackwater world cleaned up and sanitised.

Players will be asked to pretend their finger is a gun, which it is not.

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  • If it actually reads your figer movement in pulling the trigger properly I could really like this game.

    I still hope they come up with a proper Gun to use with Kinect Games like this. (As in one that reacts to shooting with vibration etc.)


  • Needs a gun perif. as much as it looks ok and how people demand the kinect to be solely hands free. a gun with a bit of weight would be good. help immersion. Maybe support with cabellas kinect gun could be added

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