Your Free Game Of The Day Is Cardinal Quest

Austrian indie developer Ido Yehieli is giving away his roguelike Cardinal Quest for one day only, and picking it up could not be simpler.

If 8-bit dungeon-crawling tickles body parts you'd rather not talk about, then head on over to BMT Micro and enter the code "BXZQ00097". The game will go from $4.94 to $0.00, which is a pretty good discount in anyone's books.

The deal went live about 13 hours ago, so you have 11-or-so hours left to take Ido up on his offer, if it is indeed valid for a 24-hour period.

Roguelikes are an acquired taste (one I find scrumptious) so if you'd like to check out Cardinal Quest before you sink the princely sum of zero dollars into it, watch this video or play the demo.

Cardinal Quest is Free for a Day [IndieGames]


    Thanks Logan, played the demo and was instantly hooked. "Purchased" it and now just waiting to get home from work!

    Any indie developer that provides Mac/Linux versions of their games is OK in my books. (The fact that it's free for today is also a plus :P)


    Game has been "purchased", I'll check it out when I get home from work.

    Great news.
    But I don't get it. I always tip Kotaku about free games that have become available (legally of course) but you don't use them! What gives?

      Every game that goes free posted on this blog would equal half the posts. Something paid going free for a limited time though...slightly more special.

    Cheers! Love a free game!

    so when you use the code its free forever?

      You have 'till november to download it, I assume you can install it as many times as you wish.

    As good as any other free roguelike, but not worth paying for.
    Oddly, it froze twice for me at the same spot, on floor four when I'd charmed an enemy and it was being attacked by two other enemies; and like any good roguelike, I couldn't save beforehand to do more thorough testing. I've uninstalled it.

    Anyone looking for a more reliable graphical roguelike and has 32bit OS (in the regular way or as a virtual machine), I heartily recommend Castle of the Winds, which is now legally free in its entirety. The reason you need a 32bit OS though is because it was specifically designed for Windows 3.1, and so is a 16bit program that can't run with DOS alone.

      Same thing happened to me actually, it just crashed after charming a kobold with 2 other monsters nearby.

    i like me free game, i will install it on my HDD for some time killer at uni

    Thank you

    Anyone else have an extra copy? There servers were slammed and my transaction wouldn't go through :( Now it's dead.

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