Your Next Visit To Silent Hill Is Now Set For 2012

Last we heard, October was going to be a big month for the Silent Hill fan. We'd expected Silent Hill Downpour and the Silent Hill HD Collection in time for Halloween. We'll how does a dark and spooky St. Patrick's Day sound?

After seeing the release dates for Silent Hill Downpour and the Silent Hill HD Collection slipping into 2012 at many retailers — and hearing via MCV that it had been "officially" delayed — we checked in with Konami. Expect both new Silent Hill games to hit in "early 2012," reps say.

Vatra Games is working on Silent Hill Downpour for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, featuring a new protagonist in escaped convict Murphy Pendleton. Silent Hill HD Collection brings Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 to those consoles with a high-def makeover.


    well cant say im surprised i kinda felt this would happen i wanted to play this game for so long

    What are you talking about Michael, 'last we heard'? It was posted on Kotaku ages ago that they were pushed back into 2012. Slow news day?

    i preordered the HD collection off ozgameshop for $35 odd? i was looking forward to playin it this month :(

    Hmm.. so only SH2 and 3 get the HD make over?

    I was kinda hoping the first 4 would be available in one set ala ye olde Silent Hill Aniversary Collection on PS2.

    Might hold off on a Day 1 purchase then...

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