Your Tour Of The New Kotaku Australia

What's this? The house of Kotaku AU has a fresh coat of paint, and like any good renovation, there are new features too. It's a foundation for even more improvements to come. Here's a quick look of what's new, and what we have planned.

First up, you'll notice a little Kotaku Beta box at the bottom-right of the page. We hope you'll work with us to report any random bugs or weirdness as you move throughout the site. Also don't hesitate to hit up the right-side Contact tab to send us a news tip!

We wanted to modernise things a bit, without drastically changing the feel you're familiar with.

One big addition is the new Top Stories block, which lets you easily slide through six stories representing the crème de la crème of recent Kotaku content. Think of it as a replacement for the old right-side Editor's Picks box. That right-side real estate is now home to the four Most Viewed and four Most Commented Kotaku posts over a rolling seven day period. Oh, the new top section also has a vertical Regulars slider, so popular staples like Talk Amongst Yourselves and Remember This are just a click away.

We wanted to make it even easier to spot the news and discussions that you find most important.

Still with this in mind, the category of each post is now colour-coded for easier scanning as you scroll down the page. We've also made images larger, improved tags (for tag-based navigation), and made the content area about 10 per cent wider on both articles and the blog river.

Finally, there's page load time: faster image servers, streamlined code, plus slightly fewer ads and improvements with how they're displayed. Kotaku is also first to see the new design, before we roll it out to Gizmodo and Lifehacker throughout this week.

There's bound to be a few teething issues along the way, and this is just the start. Though comments have been given a slight re-skin (and now support Gravatars), bigger improvements on the community side of things are still to come. Stay tuned for more.


    Sweet mother of god, look at the size of that thing!

    Can we edit comments yet?

    Also, Relevent:


    Change it back

    Oh dear god no. . .

    It looks more like the American Site now. . . and we all know how people responded to that. . .

      All it appears to have gotten (really) is a coat of paint. It's nothing like the US s(h)ite.

        yeah now that I look at it a little more there isn't a lot of difference bar the top part.

        I was thrown off my the new (colour) logo. . . which looks like the American one. . .

          Don't worry, my first thought was "oh noes, US style layout" as well.

          Good to see it's not.

            oooh, I do like the better indentation of replies.

    Well that was certainly an interesting come back from downtime!

    The peeps that were at the Can'd Meat actually got a sneak peak at this design. Looks good. Can i suggest one thing. That the comment box be a slightly lighter shade, it would be easier on the eyes.

    What is this I don't even...
    Looks awesome, but it's going to take some getting used to.

    I have no objections to the general idea of change, aside from it being scary.

    But was it really necessary to turn the lights off? :p

    I see a large black space between the "IRL \ Mobile \ New \ etc" bar and the article title...

      Turn off adblock and you'll see why ;)

    okay I got mad at this redesign... for like a few seconds.

    It's actually really quite lovely, though I am getting a bit of scroll lag using Opera.

      I'm getting lag in FF... but only when the content is still loading. I'm with you, totally like the new design. How did you get your gravatar to show up?

    I prefer it because it's not as white now. But... not sure about the rest of it yet. Seems more like a skin and to be fair I expected flowers and rainbows like traceys redesign.

    Reading from work. Most frames are out of line and there are broken links for pictures. unable to type in fields to report issues.

    shortcodes for your images don't seem to work. Might take a little getting used to the new look. I do miss the green a bit.

    I hate this.

    Give us an option to change it to the old layout or I won't use the site anymore

    Ehh, I;m fine with the changes, but yeah a lot of people don't like new updates to their favourite sites. I do notice that some pictures on the articles cut off the bottom. And are In Real Life, Mobile, news etc. meant to go along the top black bar towards the search box? Right now for me they appear in a list going down horizontally, and Retro and Xbox gets cut off by the articles. My work comp is using a crappy old Internet Explorer at work so I might wait until I get home to see if it's worth reporting.

    It's interesting, I'll give it that.

      Just testing the reply to comment thing so see how it lines up. Seems that the reply indent only goes three deep now.

    The font for unsernames and time of post is harder to read.
    I'll get used to the colour change eventually

      Lookin' nice on the whole, but I'll agree, the comments CSS still needs some work. It's hard to see the author names and details, links like this one are the same colour as the rest of the text, and the font in this comment box is so blocky on FF7.0 that the o's are actually square! Also the fixed size of this box is quite small and I don't seem to be able to resize it like I could in the past.

      But it's awesome over all, and with a bit more tweaking it should even more awesome!

    Tracey will be disappointed by the lack of pink.

      I think all sane people are disappointed by the lack of pink.

        Don't know if you noticed, but the logo and the news banner look pretty damn pink to me!

          I noticed.

          By lack of pink, I was referring to the fact that it was not all pink.

          Man, this grey on dark grey comment box is really bugging me.

            The text in the comment box is pretty tiny too, which doesn't help.

              Really, the comment box should match the actual comments. That would make things a lot better.

              Also, the page seems to be rather dark when you go past the article itself (or presumably when there's a lengthy article) because the light effect only covers a little bit of space before the rest defaults to black. Which I don't particularly like because it's so damned dark.

              Most sites tend to be rather light, going to a very dark site can be jarring.

    Is everything in that top banner necessary? On loading a page, I get the first 6 lines of the article - rest of the screen is headers/huge bar ad. Maybe you could reduce the margins around that banner ad - there's a lot of wasted space there.

    Aside from having to scroll down to start reading an article, the new design looks really good. Well done.

      This. I'm already fond of the new design aside from that huge banner.

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